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C++ Crypter - C++ Data Manipulation Project c++ data minign and run code for report - C++ Data Structures and Algorithms Online Tutor - repost C++ Data Structures and Algorithms Question Set - C++ debugging C++ debugging 10 programs - C++ Developer C++ Developer - C++ developer -- urgently require C++ Developer / Architect - c++ developer needed C++ developer Needed to work on project - C++ developer/s needed for Photoshop plug-ins C++ developer/s needed for Photoshop plug-ins (1126013) - C++ DirectX 8 to DirectX 9 Conversion C++ DirectX Game Programming - C++ dll to be made for 32 bit and 64 bit Machines C++ Dll to be used in VB6 - c++ easy cheest game c++ easy cheest game - open to bidding - C++ Engineer | Server Side/Cloud C++ Enhancement - c++ exersices C++ exit exe if same running and self exit if too long - c++ expert for regular work needed now c++ expert for small enhancement to ffmpeg video streaming application - c++ expert needed urgently (need to fix a program) a basic one -- 2 c++ expert needed urgently (need to fix a program) a basic one -- 3 - C++ expert. (STl console programs) datastructures(repost) C++ expert: to evaluate progress of incomplete project - c++ File I/O Morse Code Converter C++ file input/calculations small project. - c++ fix memory leaks in http progream C++ FIX messaging server FIX8, write software. - c++ ftp client C++ FTP program - c++ game C++ Game "Speed Card" - C++ Game of Life Program C++ Game of Life Project - C++ glibc detection debugging problem C++ global trade station 2 .dll fix for reader - C++ Graphics Library Documentation & Testing C++ graphics library to Unity - c++ guy needed now C++ Hack for game with driver to bypass ring0 protected game. - c++ help c++ help - C++ Help with Teamviewer C++ Help! - C++ homework C++ homework - C++ Homework help - Need it fast C++ Homework Help Again! - C++ HTML to PDF Code C++ HTML to XHTML/XML Converter Library - c++ image rgba bicubic interpolation resample function C++ Imaging Expert - c++ integers -- 3 C++ Integrate FedEx Rates into existing program(repost) - c++ job C++ Job 1 - C++ language learner C++ language project - C++ Linear Search and Recursive Problem C++ Linear Search and Recursive Programs - C++ List and tree C++ List and tree(repost) - C++ Malware c++ map ADT implementation - C++ Memory management Crash Issue C++ Merge-sorting using multi-threading - C++ Mini Project (Calender) C++ Mini-Game Project - C++ Multiplayer Internet Game c++ multipule choices exersices . - c++ neural network library to detect spam c++ new dll creation - c++ ogre3d developer required C++ on analysis of colease hash - C++ Open source project C++ OpenCL algorithm programming - C++ OpenGL Shapes Program C++ OpenGL Shapes Program - repost - C++ or Java Coder for a Homework C++ or Java Expert - C++ Overloading Implementation Project C++ P-Threads - C++ Plugin C++ Plugin - C++ Prim's Algorithm Implementation C++ Prim's Algorithm Implementation - C++ Professional or Tutor Needed C++ professional to do university assignment - C++ Program C++ Program - C++ program C++ program - c++ program c++ program - c++ program c++ program for vano101 - C++ Program assignment C++ Program assignment - repost - C++ program for Football prediction using constructors, classes and problem analysis C++ program for infix/prefix/postfix Expressions conversation - C++ program needed C++ program needed as a dll - C++ Program that calculates monthly payments for a loan. C++ program that calculates third point of a triangle - C++ Program To Edit Etc Hosts C++ Program To Edit Etc Hosts (907333) - C++ program with DB2/Oracle connection in the same process C++ Program with Incrementing Time and Date - C++ Programing C++ Programing - C++ Programmer C++ Programmer - C++ programmer c++ programmer - C++ Programmer Game Server C++ programmer GUI - C++ Programmer required C++ programmer required - C++ PROGRAMMER- MESSENGER FRIEND ADDER C++ Programmer. - C++ Programming C++ Programming - C++ programming C++ programming - c++ Programming c++ programming - c++ programming C++ PROGRAMMING - C++ PROGRAMMING - SIMPLE TASK c++ programming - very good math skills required - C++ programming assignment C++ programming assignment - C++ programming for contour map C++ Programming for data mining - C++ Programming lessons over Voice - Skype, TeamViewer C++ programming Need - C++ Programming Project_1 C++ Programming Project_2 - C++ Programming Tutorials C++ programming tutoring - C++ programming,"unification algorithm", finish 2 functions
C++ Programming- Expression Language - C++ proj c++ proj - C++ Project C++ Project - C++ Project C++ Project - C++ project C++ project - C++ project C++ project - C++ project C++ project - c++ project c++ project - c++ project c++ project - c++ project - open to bidding C++ Project - Reading a web page and some functions with timers - C++ project 2 c++ project 2 - c++ project easy class C++ project edit - C++ Project help urgently C++ Project help wanted, college level - C++ project stack temp expression evaluator c++ project support - c++ project wanted C++ project which is a small one - C++ project. Urgent. Need within 24 hours C++ Project.. Needed urgently - c++ projects support c++ projects support - open to bidding - c++ qt cryptography c++ QT help reading data from a weight scale virtual serial port - C++ Quick Project C++ Quick Project - C++ Rebranding and compiling C++ Recursion - C++ Reversi on VS -- 3 Will pay $30-$40 C++ Review questions - C++ Scheduler using Binary Trees(repost) C++ Scheduling Script - c++ scripter needed for tibia based online game c++ Scripting Engine with GUI and Debugger - C++ short project C++ short project in 12 hours - c++ simple homework c++ simple homework - repost - C++ Simple STL Work C++ Simple String Parse - C++ small program c++ small program - C++ Socket Library for Communication with a PLC c++ Socket Program - C++ software programming - open to bidding -- 3 C++ Software Project - c++ source code just to be compiled on Mac OSX c++ source code just to be compiled on Mac OSX 10.9 and above xcode -4 and 5 - C++ Stack Program C++ Stack: implementing the stack interface using a dynamically allocated array - C++ struct homework problem C++ Struct Program - c++ task for chosen developer.Dont bid please C++ task for code and uml -- 3 - C++ Task-1 C++ Task_ 15 May - c++ test C++ test .... - c++ time sharing program c++ timeclock work - C++ to C# port (for TaylorSmallWood) C++ to C# porting of Random Forest Algorithm - repost - C++ to VB.NET C++ to - C++ tree data structure search implementation c++ Tree help... - C++ TUTORIAL-------------? C++ Tutorials - C++ urgent C++ urgent - C++ verses Java C++ versions game to Eiffel version - C++ VNC Project C++ VNC Proxy and VNC Java Applet Modification - C++ website promotion c++ website scrapper to be use from php script - C++ Windows Explorer Shell Extension C++ Windows Explorer Shell Extension - SIMPLIFIED - C++ with regular expressions C++ with wireless experience (OpenBTS, OpenBTS-UMTS, CDMA, OpenLTE - C++ Work_(repost) C++ Worker required - c++ xml project - C++ xRay sensor software (1387783) - C++, C#, Java, MySql developer needed C++, C#, Reverse-engineering Project - C++, MySQL, pipe, multi threading C++, Need help with debugging - Debug DLL does not work! - C++,PHP,JavaScript C++,VB developer Needed Part Time - c++/ATL: Quick Search Deskbar C++/C code to convert a .bmp file to a .jpg file - C++/CLI interface to SQLCE C++/CLI Software Expert to assist with Application programming - C++/Java/.NET developer needed! C++/linux network programming - C++/Qt Programmer C++/Ruby/HTML Developer - C++: File IO C++: Find the software crash reason using GDB - c++and c developer C++and Java project - c, c++ C, C++ - Image encoder - Mencoder/YUV - MPG4/MJPEG - C, Perl, Python to JAVA Eclipse Project Needed C, Perl, Scheme - Need assistance to Edit Open Source Software - C-based Firmware Refactor for DSP Chip - repost C-based Firmware Refactor for DSP Chip - repost - C-List Campaign ~ 70 ads per day C-list posting. - c-programming c-programming - C-Tree Consultation - open to bidding C-Tree database access - C.L . Posting Need C.L Ad Poster - C.L. Poster Wanted C.L. Poster Wanted (experienced) - c.ra.igs.list Teaching Needed C.ragislist Posting Service - c/c++ C/C++ cocoa / carbon programmer required for Mac OS 9 ! - C/C++ Class Additions C/C++ Class to Obfuscate char[] data - C/C++ developer for a Data hiding in H.264 compressed video project C/C++ Developer for Desktop Software - C/C++ form grabber code C/C++ FreeBSD Project - C/C++ MITM Injection + Server side C/C++ modified cron and postgres demo app - C/C++ program to SMS sending via SMPP protocol using multiple SMSC:s and database C/C++ Programmer - C/C++ project c/c++ project (involves pipes) - C/C++ suportFor S The EYE C/C++ support - C/C++ USB/WIFI API