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Creat trific for a classified adds website - Creat Web Site and Rank it First Page Google Creat Web Site for Guest House - creat wordpsress woocomerce store site with design Creat you own app - Create Create Hotel Managment system for my companys new hotel. Must have a databse. - CREATE 500 USERNAMES AND MAKE 3 SPECIFIC POSTS EACH DAY Create 6 T-Shirt designs - create a facebook banner (mockup required) Create a facebook fan page and manage it for our website. - Create a series of quiz question for adwords training course -- 2 create a similar photo - Create A wp plugin for money sharing Create A YouTube Video - Create Animation Create Animation - Create dynamic forms Create Dynamic Multilevel Menu and Fix Colour Issue - Create latex document Create latex document -- 3 - Create Photo Re-sizer and FTP Uploader Create PHP page of Active offers from HasOffers Affiliate API (V3) Request from 3 Affiliate networks - Create Software create softwear for Coperate account for my Cafe for catering service - create website and iphone / android apps Create Website For Call Center solutions - Create "Featured Product" category on job posting website Create "Featured Product" category on job posting website - Create "The Oatmeal" Style Funny Comic Strips Create "The Vintage" demo site. - create & design an iOS and android application & website create & design an iOS and android application & website - Create & Implement Marketing Plan CREATE & IMPLEMENT PRE ORDER / PRE-SALE PRODUCT ZENCART ORDER SYSTEM - Create & manage Facebook Ads campaigns Create & manage FB accounts - Create & Design a Wordpress Search Form Create & Design Advertisement - Create "a flash" Shopping Website create "adapter" PCB circuit board - Create ''Mini'' Windows Media Player!(repost)(repost) Create ''post feedback'' form + backend PHP script. - Create 'slide up' box(repost) Create 'status update' code (facebook/twitter style) - Create (Design) storyboards (Books) for simple, template based animations Create (draw) an Logo + web design - Create , Manage Our Social Media Accounts Create ,dotx - Create .csv files from Umbraco MSSQL database backup Create .CSV-File from Products (Online Store) - Create .EXE for Windows Application Create .exe from Source Code - create .logo "2" audit co. create .logo "2" audit co. - Create .NET version of OpenSocial Create .NET web service on Azure to receive data, parse, and insert data into SQL Server - Create / add to htaccess 301 redirect for listed addresses Create / Amend WordPress Theme - Create / Design Avatar Create / Design Product Label Packaging with Logo - Create / Manage PPC Campaigns Create / Manage PPC Campaigns - open to bidding - Create / Setup Good Adwords Campaign Create / Solve filter problems in wordpress (jupiter theme + Filter & Search PRO plugin ) - create 1 Excel file (NAP 2005-10-28) Create 1 Explainer Video - Create 1 html page for displaying MJPEG streams Create 1 HTML page for my site - See attached Mock - create 1 minute 30 seconds video for my website Create 1 minute animated video - Create 1 page flash site from provided flash template Create 1 page flyer - Create 1 Page Website Template HTML Create 1 page website, HTML/CSS, PSDs provided - Create 1 twitter page template Create 1 Unique, Heavily Spintax Article (Sentence, Paragraph Spintaxing) - Create 1,000 Q&As to maintain health of people discharged from hositals Create 1,000 Q&As to maintain health of people discharged from hositals - Create 10 "Top Ten" videos B Create 10 "Top Ten" videos c - Create 10 banners of identical format with company logos on each Create 10 banners of identical format with company logos on each - repost - Create 10 FB Profles (with adding friends) Create 10 finance related articles - Create 10 landingpages (payment after finishing off project) Create 10 large button type ads - Create 10 pages report on Diet (Metabolism) Create 10 Pic for me in an Academy - Create 10 Sex position Animations Create 10 Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create 10 Twitter accounts Create 10 Twitter accounts following instructions - Create 10,000 backlinks for your URL and keywords from 10,000 Wiki articles CREATE 10,000 FACEBOOK LIKES - Create 100 blogs wheel. Create 100 Candian Proxies - Create 100 Forms in Online Survey System Create 100 Forum Posts SEO Link Building Task - create 100 hatena acccount and bookamark webpages Create 100 Heywire Numbers -- 2 - Create 100 question about Javascript Create 100 questions and step by step answers on Basic Java Programming - Create 100 tshirt images Create 100 Tumblr Accounts - Create 100 verified .com email addresses using major sites Create 100 verified .com email addresses using major sites -- 2 - Create 1000 Clickbank Accounts Create 1000 Craigslist Accounts with Gmail - Create 1000 mails and forward to a single address(repost) Create 1000 NEW GMAIL ACCOUNTS - Create 106 Facebook Accounts create 1099 for under 10 people - create 11874 certificates create 11874 certificates in 24 hours - Create 12 Simple Explainer Videos on Classical Music Create 12 simple illustrations depicting actions people do to stop drinking. - Create 1276 accounts create 13 animated gif using imgaes i will send - Create 15 30 seconds videos for youtube Create 15 Access Reports - Create 15 seconds 3D animation video for the cap product Create 15 seconds 3D animation video for the cap product -- 2 - Create 150 email addresses Create 150 email on Yahoo, hotmail, AOL......I need need them urgent - Create 16 Excel Word templates Create 16 Excel Word templates - Create 19 versions from one ad-banner in different sizes (photoshop) Create 190 logins on different bookmark sites - Create 2 3-fold brochure Create 2 30sec videos, 3 banner with 5 dimension each for an android app - Create 2 animated GIFF from FLASH files Create 2 animated sprites and a background for iPhone/iPad game. - Create 2 basic landing pages Create 2 basic websites - Excellent design required - Create 2 contact forms in magento Create 2 cpaddon scripts - create 2 dynamically prepopulated selects Create 2 easy videos - Create 2 Flyers create 2 flyers - Create 2 home page samples Create 2 hour amateur video - Create 2 images for web site slider from product discription Create 2 images in Photoshop (from 2 samples) - Create 2 Landing Pages with redirection Create 2 landing pages, I supply images. - Create 2 marketing flyers for childrens clothing store
Create 2 Marketing Forum Accounts - Create 2 MS Word Templates for Landscaper (content/sample provided) Create 2 MS Word Templates for Landscaper (content/sample provided) -- repost - Create 2 page Word template Create 2 page wordpress site - create 2 pdf files automatically Create 2 PDF forms, plus matching FDF - Create 2 PSD file of jpg logo that i can use to resize Create 2 PSD files - Create 2 similar math tests based on a sample Create 2 similar tests to a test I already have made to be used as a pretest and retake - Create 2 simple web pages and an email form create 2 simple webpages in python/asp/java/ruby - Create 2 TAP connections in pfSense Create 2 TAP connections in pfSense -- 2 - Create 2 Videos for my Binary Options LP Create 2 videos for startup of arts and sports explainer and - Create 2 Website Templates from PSDs: Valid XHTML / CSS + Jquery Menu with Slider Create 2 website tools - Create 2 wordpress responsive templates Create 2 Wordpress Shortcodes - Create 2 x shopping centre floor plans Create 2 x Single page websites in Wordpress - Create 20 web site templates from 20 menu templates. Create 20 16x16 Icons - Create 20 different cartoon poses of a man (using a face similar to mine) Create 20 different contemporary low energy prefab housing, create website (similar like - Create 20 HIS + 20 HERS Valentine's Day greeting card messages - repost 2 Create 20 HTML pages for eBay listings (Copy/Paste from a website to our template) - Create 20 scenes in a spaceship high quality Create 20 schemes of varying styles with the digital decorator online tool - Create 20 x 3 minute kids nusery rhyme 3d/2d animations cartoons Create 20+ Twitter and Instagram Advertising Images with Video - Create 200 French sentences with english translations. Create 200 gmails and fill out forms - Create 2000 accounts with email Create 2000 articles. No writing, just link from YouTube. - Create 220 Recipe PDFs from existing online Recipes Create 220 social media accounts - Create 25 Home made Videos for Create 25 HTML email signatures - Create 250+ Back links from high page rank websites Create 2500 Ebay Search Phrases - create 2d animated video (8-10 mins) Create 2D animated video, 5 to 10 minutes, mascots underwater - Create 2D Architectural Floorplans -- 2 Create 2D Art for the Idle/Clicker Game. ( Make More, Tap Tycoon, Tap Titans) - Create 2D floor plan from existing sketches *ASAP* - Repost Create 2D floor plan from existing sketches *ASAP* - Repost - open to bidding - Create 2nd Home Page / Landing Page Create 2nd language for my weebly web site - Create 3 advertising graphics create 3 adwords account - Create 3 banners for cloud computing company website Create 3 banners to be printed (size 100m wide x 200m high) - Create 3 custom post types from Gravity Forms - with CSS to match my VC templates look and feel. Create 3 custom templates wordpress - Create 3 Facebook banners for valentines day sale create 3 fillable pdf forms (all very similar) - Create 3 html form for printing purpose Create 3 HTML forms from image - Create 3 layout pages using Framework7 Create 3 layout templates in photoshop them turn them into html - Create 3 mostly static page website in ASP.NET (VB.NET) using Web Developer 2008 (GEN)(repost) Create 3 motivational bodybuilding videos - Create 3 page website Create 3 Pages - Create 3 product label designs Create 3 product versions of poster for use in Shopify store - Create 3 Simple Adult Toys in 3D Create 3 simple Animations for a mobile application - Create 3 T-Shirt Designs! Create 3 tables in Excel - Create 3 visio pages, from 3 powerpoint pages: graphics w. Create 3 web banner 1350 X 400 - Create 3 Wordpress Theme from PSD create 3 wordpress website (themeforest template) - Create 3-5 professionally designed static html pages for CREATE 3-D BOTTLES OF SUPP (3 Bottles - 2 versions ea - Create 30 FAQ's Create 30 flash based ads, with a form in the ad - create 30 sec movie to show before after of losing wieght Create 30 sec Video for Website Launch - Create 30 web2.0 profiles with links and optimised page titles (list included) Create 30 WordPress themes for Our Existing Theme Business - Create 300 link web 2.0 linkwheel. Create 300 member profiles for escort website - Create 301 Redirect in Htaccess (entire site) Create 301 Redirect in Htaccess (entire site) - repost - Create 35 Accounts Video Directory Sites Create 35 Google Accounts and Signup 350 Google Maps API Keys - Create 3D animated GIF of Rotating Logo Create 3d animated short film - Create 3D Animation Video Create 3D Animation Video - Create 3D Animation With Sound FX Create 3D animation. - Create 3D Box Art, Image only Create 3d boxes from my 2d layouts - Create 3D Characters For A Game Create 3D characters for a war game - Create 3D face matching picture Create 3D Face Model With Picture - Create 3D game with Unreal Engine and Visual Studio Create 3D Gaming Dice - Create 3D Images from 2D images using Blender and convert to json Create 3D images of air cargo containers from drawings and photos. - Create 3d mobile dungeons and PVP area Create 3d Mock Up Print and Packaging Designs for Bottle Label - Create 3d model from 2d image Create 3D model from a 2D cartoon drawing - Create 3D Model of Aeroplane -- Create 3D Model Of An Apartment & Render Stereoscopic 360 Images. - Create 3D Model of Room - Repost Create 3D Model of Room - Repost - open to bidding - Create 3d models create 3d models - Create 3d models of people and animals - open to bidding Create 3D Models On HTML5 Canvas - Create 3D printable models of barb hose fittings parts Create 3D printable plans of a unique multi- iPhone case - Create 3D renderings of new housing projects Create 3D renders and 2D floor plans for a new apartment building - Create 3D Theme Graphic Loop from EPS logo that pivots Create 3D title drag-and-drop creation tool in Flash (Air) - create 3d world Create 3d+ measurement drawings of already design packages for production - Create 4 advertising banners Create 4 Android Apps from Existing Android App - Create 4 css animations/videos for a site Create 4 custom barcode in coreldraw - CREATE 4 GRAPHICS / CHARTS FOR WEBSITE Create 4 graphics of kids - Create 4 Landing Pages for my sites (similar design but for 4 categories) Create 4 lansdscapes - Create 4 page ebook on how to speed read Create 4 page flyer in Adobe Design - Create 4 screens to objective-c code Create 4 Screenshots with added text for use in App Store and Google Play Store. - Create 4 types of flares in the needed colors Create 4 unique CSS stylesheets for a single HTML template - Create 4 x 3-panel comics (pvt for sleazyfishstudio) Create 4 x email templates - Create 40 farewell greeting card messages Create 40 Father's Day greeting card messages - Create 40 web pages about Australia Create 40 wedding anniversary greeting card messages FROM PARTNER - Create 40-60 seconds video