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Creare una app+plugin wordpress - creare website creare website second attempt - Creare/Gestire una campagna PPC a Creare/Gestire una campagna PPC per il sito - Creas una página web en Wordpress tipo scroll y formar respecto a cómo modificarla Creasion de Software y Aplicacion Moviles Para restaurantes - Creat 3 Forms in Joomla Creat 3 very simple HTML landing pages (Responsive) - CREAT A BANNER FOR OUR NEW CHEESE RANGE Creat a basic responsive table to be inserted in the 'more info' section of a Prestashop ecommerce website - Creat a estore for suppliers in wordpress creat a excel report - creat a live chat script like creat a log-in informations for ESSAYWRITER and Uvorcorp accounts - Creat a logo for Our store creat a logo intro for a video - Creat a Prestashop Website creat a prestashop website from my old one - Creat a script to work with the Jasper Server API Creat a search engine - Creat a Video for Youtube advertising. Creat a Video for Youtube advertising. - creat a website - open to bidding creat a website -- - Creat additional features in an existing career job website Creat additional features in an existing webiste - Creat an ebook Creat an Excel Calculator and Code it in HTML - Creat andriod application from javascript web page Creat Android & Iphone App for Unique Utilities Based Company - Creat big commerce page -- 2 Creat Bitcoin Exchanges included all ajustment - Creat Conduit Gadget For File Upload Service Creat contacts page - Creat entities with google app engin Creat Event App Android+IOS+WEBSITE+PANEL - Creat game mobile Stick Hero (Unity) Creat game mobile Stick Hero (Unity) - Creat iPad App to collect Calibration Data Creat iphone app using Xamarin for a augmented reality - Creat Logo for MNC creat logo HD 3D - Creat my homepage from my design CREAT MY SITE - Creat PDF Order form and draw shapes creat photographer logo - Creat simple web or desktop application to download Keyword volume data from adwords USING a paid API creat simple windows bat file - Creat to banner - repost Creat toolbar frame for website - Creat web page on the fly with PHP Creat web pages in my shopping cart - Creat Wordpress theme from Design Creat Wordpress theme from PSD - Create create - Create 7 html email newsletters for a website Create a PPC Campaign - Create a facebook fan page and manage it for our website. Create a facebook fan page and manage it for our website. - Create a similar website create a simple data structure - Create Accounts Create Accounts - & Submit - Web 2.0 and Articles - Create Animations for children stories Create application to store data and upload data - Create Forum Site Create fully functional ecommerce website - Create Magazine Template Create maps from TIFF and GEOTIFF images - Create PPC Campaign for Business Process Consultancy Create PPC Campaigns for the Legal industry - Create the conditional drop down menus - Excel design presentation Create the functionality that allows ring back tone to be downloaded from website - Create WP Photo Blog Template. Customize it Create WP Photo Blog Template. Customize it -- 2 - Create "Match Guarantee" seal Create "Match" logo in vector format - Create & customise WordPress website from template Create & customize a wordpress website using a thirdparty theme - Create & Develop Website from Scratch Create & edit a website via CMS web skills in BELGIUM ONLY, to follow a training and work on a CMS - Create & Manage a PPC Campaign for online clothing store Create & Manage a Google Adwords account for my website - Create & Update WP site similar to current one Create & write a bi-weekly e-commerce sales newsletter - Create & Submit Site Map Create & Upload 1 Video Per Day to YouTube for 30 Days - Create ''clippy'' style flash tutorial Create ''Computer security'' tutorial teaching how to prevent attacks and vulnerabilities. - create 'open bid' extension opencart Create 'Order Summary' Section for Woocommerce Cart - Create (Add) Categories and Subcategories in a Wordpress Site Create (and code) a website design for Virtual World - Create *APPLE MAIL* and *iOS* Signatures (already designed and coded)! -- 2 Create *outlines* for 5 blog posts - Create .apk ''template'' files -ECLIPSE Create .aspx website crawler to fetch some information - Create .edu or .gov backlinks - Rehire Create .edu or .gov backlinks - Rehire - Rehire - Create .ipa to automatically send a text message from my iphone by interacting with outlook on my pc Create .jade templates for a designed UI - Create .net program create .net project + mysql in one instalation file - Create .VCE Exam Simulator in C# -- 2 Create .wav or .mp3 from mix of pre-recorder and text-to-speech - Create / design an e-book cover Create / Design Avatar - Create / Manage PPC Adwords Campaign Create / Manage PPC Campaigns - Create / Solve filter problems in wordpress (jupiter theme + Filter & Search PRO plugin ) Create / Source Royality Free Backgrounds in Photo Shop - Create 1 Explainer Video Create 1 explainer video - Create 1 html page for displaying MJPEG streams Create 1 HTML page for my site - See attached Mock - Create 1 minute animation for company Create 1 Minute Animation for Industry Advertising - Create 1 page for website Create 1 page free website for my translation service - Create 1 Registration on home Web Page Create 1 Registration/ home Web Page - Create 1 web page with jQurey Create 1 web page with jQurey - Create 1,000-1,500 word article out of attachment Create 1,000-5,000 banner ads per month - repost 2 - Create 10 accounts Create 10 accounts for bookmarkingdemon - Create 10 cats and 10 dogs Create 10 characters in 2D for a Android video game - Create 10 German StudiVZ Profiles Create 10 gmail accounts per week - Create 10 minute video clips for Youtube Create 10 Minutes of Training Video - All Assets Provided - Create 10 printables Create 10 procedures for MYSQL database - Create 10 Simple MS Access forms - fixed fee Create 10 simple one page WordPress/Joomla websites - Create 10 verified Yelp accounts for me Create 10 Video Animation for a new site - Create 10-15 second Animation for a Logo Create 10-15$ / day Adsense site - open to bidding - Create 100 Composite graphics in Photoshop Create 100 confirmed FB account - Create 100 Forms in Online Survey System Create 100 Forum Posts SEO Link Building Task - create 100 gmail accounts -- 2
Create 100 gmail accounts with same password - Create 100 paid Avantlink ad placerments on my complex, multiple database-driven Joomla website. Multiple spots in 3 key ad positions, on several pages. I use Joomla Ad Agency Create 100 paid Avantlink ad placerments on my complex, multiple database-driven Joomla website. Multiple spots in 3 key ad positions, on several pages. I use Joomla Ad Agency - repost - Create 100 snapchat accounts ASAP (no need phone verification) Create 100 social account - Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost - Create 100 Youtube videos (Copyright free )on any topic. Create 100% Clean Google Play Developer Account - Create 1000 Email IDs and Facebook IDs Create 1000 Email IDs and Facebook IDs -- 2 - Create 1000 mails and forward to a single address(repost) Create 1000 accounts - Create 100s of seeders and leechers on a torrent Create 1024x1024 kids icon - Create 11,000 product descriptions Create 110 Document. Same as template. Three variable fields. - Create 12 Posts for use on Facebook & Instagram Create 12 Power Point slides from PDF (layout and editable text boxes for new subject matter) - create 125 wordpress pages for US construction website Create 125*125 Animated gif banner - Create 140 Individual PDF files from a master file Create 140 wordpages and PDF from a library of pictures - Create 15 Obfuscated Macros Create 15 Pixel Art Characters - Create 15-30 second viral videos for 5 days Create 150 coupon in my website backend - Create 1500x1500 of these images Create 15min iMovie Slideshow - Create 19 Charts/Graphs for use in Prezi (DUE 5/14) create 19 Linux Style Icons - Create 2 *PROPER* Squidoo Lenses for SEO purposes Create 2 - 3 min Video for Youtube and other social websites - Create 2 amazing UNBOUNCE landing pages for wedding planner in SPANISH Create 2 Amazon API's - Create 2 banners for bridal website Create 2 Banners for Facebook Timeline! - Create 2 Complete websites with ongoing SEO and Management Create 2 Complete websites with ongoing SEO and Management - repost - create 2 dielines Create 2 different flash galleries with the same set of photos in the next 5 hours - Create 2 flash animations Create 2 Flash headers - Create 2 grids in Susy Framework, urls are included in description Create 2 High quality cooking recipes videos - Create 2 Images - repost Create 2 images - size chart - Create 2 Landing Pages with redirection Create 2 landing pages, I supply images. - Create 2 marketing flyers for childrens clothing store Create 2 Marketing Forum Accounts - Create 2 new email templates for Booking System and Automated feature and Fix Bugs Create 2 New Graphics - Create 2 pages by changing content in existing page create 2 pages for a suplied mysql data base - Create 2 Photo Realistic High Quality Illustrations Create 2 PHP functions using google search API - Create 2 Responsive HTML FORM Create 2 responsive pages - create 2 simple ad Create 2 simple Android app from a SWF (flash) file - Create 2 simple websites. PSD to HTML. Create 2 Simple WordPress Based Blogs - Create 2 User Controls for Editing 2 related MSSQL tables using Telerik ClientDataSource in ASP.NET C# Create 2 User list from Twitter - Create 2 way interface between and my website Create 2 web forms that allow files to be uploaded) - Create 2 Websites - Same Design different Content - repost Create 2 websites / Changes for 1 - Create 2 wordpress websites Create 2 Wordpress Websites from PSD files - Create 2,000 name email list - Repost Create 2,000 name email list - Repost - Create 20 AI/PNG Icons for Various Topics for Website 1b Create 20 Animated Cartoon Characters OR 20 Animations - Create 20 drupal pages from a word document Create 20 E-mail marketing pieces - Create 20 icons in vector and bitmap format Create 20 illustrations for a childrens book - Create 20 scenes in a spaceship high quality Create 20 schemes of varying styles with the digital decorator online tool - Create 20-30 more high quality 5-color color schemes for lan Create 20-40 Second Facebook Video Ad - Create 200 Emails Create 200 Facebook Accounts (non PVA) - Create 200 Youtube Accounts create 200 youtube accounts - Create 21 Original Articles On Marine Aquariums Create 21 small videos of PLR ebook - Create 25 blogs/websites with UNIQUE content Create 25 Clickbank Ready to Sell Sites - Create 250 "professional" look ebay listings Create 250 Bookmarking Accounts - Create 2:30 Animation Music Video of Stick Figures. Create 2D / 3D animation - Create 2d animation video create 2D animation video - Create 2d explainer cartoon animation plus logo transition (intro) Create 2d explainer cartoon animation plus logo transition (intro) -- 2 - Create 2nd Language in my weebly website ( Create 2nd logo from the Afruiggies Farm logo - create 3 adwords account Create 3 After Effects Templates - Create 3 banners to be printed (size 100m wide x 200m high) Create 3 banners to put on other people's website - Create 3 custom WordPress sites from PSDs CREATE 3 CUSTOMIZABLE PROPOSALS IN HTML FORMAT TO BE USED WITH - Create 3 Flash banners from ready made .psd templates Create 3 Flash banners from ready-made .psd files - Create 3 HTML/CSS Pages Create 3 html/css pages from existing design - Create 3 Logo Concepts (RJ) Create 3 Logo Mock-ups based on sketches provided - Create 3 New eBook Covers for Historical Novel Trilogy create 3 new ebooks per existing outline - Create 3 Pages for Website Create 3 pages in my website (The budget of this job is only a placeholder) - Create 3 psd files from simple JPEG Create 3 quick plugins - Create 3 simple php scripts Create 3 Simple Scraping Programs... - Create 3 tshirt designs Create 3 two page product brochures - Create 3 web-responsive pages with Bootstrap Create 3 web-teaser visuals - Create 3 x 30-45 second videos Create 3 x 700 Word Articles in 24 Hours - Create 3-Page Facebook Tab Create 3.5 minute animated video - Create 30 Forum Profiles + Write 1 Post on Each Create 30 forum profiles with backlinks - report required - Create 30 second music video Create 30 second promotional videos on a variety of topics - Create 300 accounts to My website- Create 300 accounts to My website. - Create 300 x 250 video ad with constant contact form Create 300 YouTube Accounts - Create 31 html pages for my website Create 31 Power Point Slides from a Word Doc gcworkshops - Create 360 degree product image slider Create 360 degree video player in native Android which can be imported into a Unity Scene - Create 3D animation based on existing 2D sample Create 3D Animation celebrity death match - Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 59636 Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 6 - Create 3D Animations for an Avatar (example provided)