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Create a Open Source scammer report site - Create a payment module for or CREATE A OSCMAX MANUAL BOOK (PDF) - Create a packaging design Create a Packaging Design for a bread paper bag - Create a page for HTML email campaign using attached image file(repost) Create a page for profile registration and a login screen with password reset functionality - create a page on Wikipedia for the FinTech Awards 2016 create a page on Wikipedia website - Create a page, for wine selling Create a Page-A-Day Calendar for Tropes, Inc. - Create a parallax one page website Create a parallax scrolling website for a Cryolipolysis device - Create a part-time job website Create a particle effect in my website - Create a Pattern from Image Create a Pattern in Adobe Illustrator - Create a payment module to prestashop Create a payment option for clients on my site! - Create a payroll service Create a payroll software program - Create a pdf file Create a PDF file for invoicing and agreement - Create a PDF Form to be Populated with XML Data Create a PDF form which will save and be sent to emali address (as form) - Create a pdf stamper function for ebook pdf files sold using Gambio platform Create a PDF Table layout - create a perfect documentation from given url create a perfect glossy mouth in 3D - Create a personal website. Create a personal website. Clean negatives from search engin - Create a pesapal payment module in osdate site or create an option for choosing currency on osdate - repost - Repost - open to bidding Create a Pet Care App (Unity 2D) for Android and iPhone - create a phone website :: 112013 Create a Phonebook Application - Create a photo APP Create a photo book - Create a Photo Slideshow Video Create a Photo Slideshow with 97 Photos in After Effects - Create A Photoshop Action Create a Photoshop Action - Create a Photoshop Template from a Wordpress Theme Create A Photoshop Text Replacement Script - Create a PHP based website that matches uploaded images and videos Create a PHP based Whatsapp Web Client - Create a PHP exit popup when people want to leave Create a PHP extension - Create A Php Form for me Create A Php Form for me - Repost - Create a PHP loop & Mysql Create a PHP Loop for a Wordpress Plugin - Create a PHP Script Create a PHP Script - Create a php script to post data to other website automatically Create a PHP script to remove elements from a Facebook JSON file - Create a php web hosting Site Create a PHP webpage to display content in columns like a newspaper - Create a PHPDocumentor template Create a PHPList Template - Create a piece work calculator spreadsheet Create a Pill Reminder iPhone application - Create a pixel perfect, fully functional WP eCommerce template from html. Create a pixel perfect, fully functional WP eCommerce template. - Create a player that support many video websites Create a player trading system - create a plugin application Create a plugin between Magento and Xero - Create a plugin for Pidgin (IM Messanger) Create a plugin for Playmaker - Create a plugin or function to enable woo-commerce payment option i wordpress Create a plugin or hard coded PHP page for WordPress - Create a plugin to interface Woocommerce with Google Trusted Store account Create a plugin to make a profile management page. - create a points e-commerce website Create a points system for my website-CPA system - Create a pop up Create a pop up - Create a pop-up page like another one (example added)! -- 3 Create a pop-up page on a website - Create a portal create a portal - Create a POS software using Microsoft Visual Studios Create a POS software using Microsoft Visual Studios -- 2 - Create a poster Create a poster - Create a Poster Design create a poster for "marketing productivity" - Create a poster for The Atlanta Cycling Festival create a poster for use on facebook - create a poster that has arabic text create a poster using a paint sketch - Create a Postgresql backup and restore solution Create a posting monitoring system - Create a PowerPoint presentation Create a PowerPoint presentation - Create a Powerpoint presentation Create a Powerpoint presentation - Create a powerpoint presentation. : Urgent Create a powerpoint presentation. : Urgent - Create a Powtoon Video Create a Powtoon video for a tablet holder - create a prelander page create a prelander page - Create a presentation in automotive restoration engineering Create A Presentation In PowerPoint: Slides + Notes - Create a Press Release and send to 100 newspapers Create a Press Release for a Mobile App - Create a Prestashop payment Gateway and Product Module for a Credit Provider Create a Prestashop Template - Create a Prezi Presentation based on a concept Create a prezi presentation from an academic research report (essay) - Create a print button that generates an image for print Create a Print CSS Style Sheet - Create a printer template to allow excel spreadsheet to print on pre-printed forms. -- 2 Create a Printing Bundle - Create a Process Flow Map -- 2 Create a Process Flow Maps From My Scanned Wriiten Notes - Create a Product demo Create a product demo clip - create a product inventory database...add products with skus, supplier etc...should be able to add sales order as well... Create a product label for a Aquaculture feed supplement - Create a product that can measure changes in weight Create a Product Tutorial Video - Create a productivity dashboard from existing database create a products catalog - Create a professional business development plan Create a Professional Business Email Signature - Create a professional legal website Create A Professional Logo - Create a professional powerpoint presentation Create a Professional PowerPoint presentation (Technical, Import requirements) - Create a PROFESSIONAL template Wordpress Create a professional tri-fold brochure - Create a Professional Youtube Pages Create a professional, creative logo and tagline for travel agency - - Create a prog Create a Prog That Can Tell Which Keywords Where Used to Find Our Site - Create a Program for Data Analysis Create a program for department of computing - Create a program that generates static html pages create a program that helps me find early links and size IDs for products on and other magento sites - Create a Program to do Reposting on Website, Bypass Captcha Create a program to edit pdf files - Create a Program/App Scheduler that Integrates With Facebook & Wordpress Create a program/script to manually take off and repost my listings on a website - Create a Project Schedule Create a project team - Create a Promo video for an assitive speech device
Create a promo video for an Taxi company - create a promotional business video Create a Promotional Christmas Video for our New Website - Create a Promotional Video Create a Promotional Video - Create a promotional video for LiVES create a promotional video for my business with real actors - Create a Proof Submission Form Create a proper Harvard Style reference list for my dissertation. - Create a proto Create a proto type product connects to VR gadget - Create a proxy for tomcat on Centos server Create a Proxy Server - Create a PSD file from a PNG image Create a PSD file from an existing image - Create a pseudo code create a pseudo printer driver - Create a puzzle game in my Wordpress site. create a puzzle/photohunt game link using our image provided. - create a pythong script for me create a Q & A feature - create a query of XML data to return data to SQL or Excel 2010 Create a query to access to merge some tables. - Create a quick script for online game - repost Create a Quick shop function for a webshop on a SaaS platform - Create a quiz with SCORM support using GWT - open to bidding Create a quiz-graph results application - Create a RAILS RESTful web services API for use with iOS Create a ramdisk Apllication - Create a readable chart from this data Create a reader that can view swf document offline - Create a real estate site with monthly cash peeling. Create a real estate site with wordpress theme - Create a realistic looking medical connector with a cutout exposing embedded electronics Create a realistic photo based on a green-screen photo - Create A Recon / Fake Profile Maker For MY dating Site. Create a record button plus extras - Create a Reference List - Ensure correct referencing Create a reference list in Foot-note style - Create a Registration Form - repost "NEED IT IN ONE DAY" Create a registration form - Repost -- 2 - create a render of simple object Create a rendering library to display databases + Add Dependencies to project - Create a report after internship Create a report based on a Network Flow Model - Create a reporting platform with good Architecture Create a reporting platform with good Architecture -- 2 - Create a responsive (ideally Wordpress) site from a simple html non responsive site. Create a responsive 3 column layout (1 column on mobile) - Create a responsive design/template for a news website Create a responsive drupal landing page. - Create a responsive html/css page from existing page. 2 Create a responsive HTML/CSS/JQuery - Create a responsive map website Create a responsive mapping image - Create a Responsive side-by-side table comparing different companies Create a Responsive Silo Wordpress Template - Create a responsive website create a responsive website - Create a responsive Wordpress Header.php Template Create a Responsive Wordpress Landing Page - Create a responsive WordPress template based on existing design Create a responsive Wordpress Template for a existing Design (PSD) - Create a Responsive Wordpress Theme for Re-selling -- 2 Create a responsive Wordpress theme for website - Create a Restaurant CMS Panel and Master CMS panel for our Mobile APP. Create a Restaurant Food Ordering Cross Platform Hybrid App - Create a resume Create a resume - Repost - Create a review website similar to trip advisor. create a revised homepage image for our site. - Create A Road Trip Video from DashCam video southern Germany to Austria and north Italy Create a robot - Create a ROM & small launcher for Samsung Trend Plus Create a ROM & small launcher for Samsung Trend Plus -- 2 - Create a Rsync Script (simple shell) .sh Create a RTL Wordpress Template from an existing site - Create a sales and marketing database that tracks multiple sales/advertising data. Create a Sales animated Video - Create a Sales Presentation and 2 Sales Letters Create a sales presentation based on an app to help sell the app - Create a widget or web-to-lead form on my wix website. Create a salesletter - Create a sample that displays a calendar for a date field using Symfony 2.8 framework, create a sample username and password - Create a scene on a image and i Need it urgently. - open to bidding create a schedule info page in php or similar language. - CREATE A SCORM PLAYER FOR LMS SILVER EDITION Create a Scout Badge - Create a scrapper for: Google map -- 3 Create a scrapper for: Google map -- 3 - open to bidding - Create a ScreenConnect support application -- 2 Create a screensaver - Create a Script for automation of Snapchat accounts Create a Script for Big commerce - Create a script for User Registration Create a Script for Web Pages - create a script that downloads all the images based on excel's cell value(Image in URL) to a general folder Create a script that automatically (or provides instructions) configures windows IIS server to run classic asp applications. - Create a script that will run from your hosting Create a Script that will Update Product Categories based on their Attributes - Create A Script To Create Wordpress Blogs From File Create a script to customize an unattended Ubuntu 14 install - Create a Script to play Radio Station ID or Promos Create a script to process a search result from another website - Create a script using Bash Create a script using Bash -- 2 - Create a Scrolling Image Web Banner Create a scrolling offers banner for the Homepage of a WP site - create a search engine bar pwoered by yahoo and google to generate donations create a search engine based on a Java web service - create a search results page based on a template I provide Create a Search Results page template for my Wordpress Site - create a secure 1003 loan application that will convert to FNM Create a Secure Amazon S3 Based File System in Linux using C programming - Create a self signed ssl certificate for our Windows SBS/exchange 2003 server - Repost - open to bidding Create a self-running powerpoint presentation - Create a sepia colouring script Create a sequence diagram based on a PHP function - Create a series of newsletters Create a series of parametric drawers - create a server setup where I have access to ip address (not website ip) Create a server side email solution that will allow to pull emails in text only format - create a set of 4 pieces of jewellery for my colection in Non-disclosure agreement2 Create a set of 8 Icons - Create a set of landing pages (4) for each Ad Group of the same Campaign (so similar LPs), create the text and content based on the keywords. Create a set of logos - create a sharable calendar and task app Create a sharacter sheet and sketch dump for my OC! - Create a shiny brand new Packaging design for my screen protecor Create a Shipping by Province (& calculate shipping tax) Plugin for Joomla website - Create a shopify app for forums & discussions Create a shopify app for us - Create a Shopify Website Three Pages Create a Shopify website to sell 1 product - landing page style - Create a Shopping Wordpress Website Create a Shopping Wordpress Website - Create a short 59 seconds HD Video from a group of photos Create a short ad based on a purchased template - create a short animation Create a Short Animation - Create a short comic and animation create a short company video - Create a short PPT about digital maketing strategy about Rustan's Company Create a Short Product Video- Hong Kong based only - Create a short video Create a short video - Create a short video ad
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