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Develop and design original designed html links into Shopify template - Develop and Evaluate an Interactive Website -- 3 Develop and Evaluate an Interactive Websites - Develop and implement a new design for our login area Develop and implement a RESTful API for a Laravel 5 app - Develop and integrate a facebook app that captures and enrols Develop and Integrate a new service for an existing Website - Develop and maintain an Webcam site Develop and Maintain business Software on PHP MySQL - Develop and Mobile/Server App. Develop and mockup mobile app - Develop and report Artificial Intelligence Program Develop and run an Ebay scrapper based off of an Ebay Item # to scrap price, title, quantity sold - Develop and web design Wordpress template Develop and web design Wordpress template -- 2 - DEVELOP ANDROID AND MAC APPLICATION DEVELOP ANDROID AND MAC APPLICATION - open to bidding - Develop Android and iPhone app for an event Develop Android and iPhone app with these functionalities - Develop android app Develop android app - Develop android app for edu brand Develop android app for location search app - Develop Android app using any technology AIR/Unity/Cocos/Native Develop Android App using iOS app as base - Develop Android application Develop Android application - Develop android application with raspberry pi Develop Android Application with SQL Google Cloud - Develop Android Games along with a game management portal to manage users Develop Android Iphone App - Develop Android Version of iPhone App Develop Android version of iPhone app - Develop another website using or MVC Develop answer options to quiz questions - Develop API for transport company website Develop API for Windows Vista, XP and 2000 (W98 and NT desirable) - develop app develop app - Develop app for Apple Watch (TIME SENSITIVE) Develop App for Church Website - Develop app for photo upload and checkout.. Develop app for REVIT - Develop App to bulk search for phone numbers & email address Develop App to Check Content of Web Page - Develop application Develop application - Develop application server Develop application similar to Uber / Desenvolver aplicação semelhante ao Uber - Develop Apps for Joomla/PHP Sites Develop apps for pur website - develop art website Develop Artefacts - Develop Attractive, Clean, Modern Logo Develop Auction Site - Develop Automatic Mobile App Builder & Submitter Develop Automatic Website Reports - Develop backend englne for website Develop backend for a web platform - Develop Basic App Develop basic elearning solutions for me - develop bicycle lock Develop Bid Specs, and Database Schema - Develop book quotation Database Develop book rental site - Develop Breathing monitoring system in Java Develop bridging system - Develop Business Card Designer Develop Business Cards and Envelopes - Develop Business website for a small business startup Develop business Website like Gumtree/Rightmove - Develop C++ Application using IPC SDK (will be provided) Develop C++ Library - Develop Card game Develop cardboard APP for Android and ios - Develop changes and new design to a open source POS system Develop changes to the administrative system - Develop Chinese Language Website Using Adobe Business Catalyst Develop Christian Roku Channel - Develop clean and simple corporate Identity for our Portal Develop ClicknTake - develop code as per requirements in a pdf Develop code for a program / application - Develop Commercial Client Account software for legal firm and license control Develop Commericial Website - Develop Company websites in PHP and Mysql Develop complete book design and formatting (print ready version) using manuscript. - Develop concepts for presentations Develop concepts for and design all collateral material, including direct mail, ads ,postcards, newsletters flyers, invitations,website,posters, brochures,etc. Creative Thinking and mobile application development - Develop Control Panel Develop controller and software for material testing equipment - either one or both - Develop corporate identity for an App (Android-IOS) Develop corporate identity for Ayeneeda - Develop Creative Corporate Identity develop creative ideas through the digital world - Develop Crystal Reports Develop Crystal Reports - Develop custom bidding/auction system using in webpage Develop custom bidding/auction system using in webpage - repost - Develop custom GUI Develop Custom High End Flash player - Develop Custom Programming Test Questions - C Only Develop Custom Programming Test Questions - C# Only - Develop Custom Website Develop custom website on bootstrap using php/mysql/google map api - Develop Customized Android application Develop customized application Visual Basic. NET Database Sql Server - Develop data structure that represents an Othello board Develop Data Visualization Applications for Fortune 500 Company - Develop date and time slot choosing for opencart website Develop Date calculator in Excel - develop design and html coding for the trading site develop design and html coding for the trading site repost - Develop Desktop Sharing via Joomla and many other Joomla related tasks Develop Desktop Software in C# - Develop DNN Module performs a search on Google transit Develop DNN Module that performs a DB search and displays results - develop drupal 8 site Develop Drupal custom modules - develop DYO apparel moduke Develop E commerce site for selling power tools online in PRESTASHOP - Develop E-Learning Software and Authoring Tools Develop E-learning System - Develop Ebay Application using api to upload items through tags Develop Ebay Listing Template - Develop ecommerce site similar to Develop Ecommerce Store Builder Site - Develop Elearning Driver Education Computer Base Training Site Develop eLearning module on bioterror agents - plague - Develop Email Plug-Ins Develop Email Plug-Ins for Outlook, IE and Firefox - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop employee workload analysis excel template Develop employee workload analysis excel template -- 2 - Develop ERP for Construction Company Develop ERP module for prestashop - Develop Excel Macros - Private repeat mod develop excel model - Develop existing PHP script into wordpress plugin develop existing presentations - Develop Expert Advisor in MQL4 or MQL5 EA Develop Expert Advisor in MQL4 or MQL5 EA - Repost - Develop Facebook App Develop Facebook app - Develop Facebook football game (APPLICATION) Develop Facebook Game - develop favicon
develop feature in script ndot deals, groupon clone - Develop File and Image Hosting Script Develop file maker - develop Firefox, Chrome add-on Develop Firmware - Develop Flash Game Develop Flash game - Develop flash-xml software to show slide lectures using a video IPOD develop flash/HTML5 animation for poker game - Develop form with Mollie payment gateway Develop form with signature capabilities - Develop freight management application Develop FreightQuote Component & Plugin - Develop Frontend for a software -- 2 Develop Frontend for Innovative Analytics Platform - DEVELOP FUNCTIONAL TEST FIXTURE Develop functionalities and improve performance. - Develop game in Unity develop game like clash of clans - Develop generic USB webcam driver for Android 2.2 (Froyo). Develop generic USB webcam driver for Android 2.2 (Froyo). - Develop google pulus api Develop Google Rank Tracking Software - Develop GUI for realtime BLE C# UWP application Develop GUI to Import JSON file into MySQL and enable XLSX extract - Develop helpdesk software Develop Hibernate Entities, publish REST, SOAP Services using Apache CXF - Develop hotel booking function using GTA xml API - repost Develop hotel booking site using GDS system - Develop HTML of Generic Gynecomastia landing page using bootstrap Develop HTML Pages - Develop Hybrid Apps using Cordova/ IONIC framework Develop Hybrid Apps using Cordova/ IONIC framework -- 2 - Develop Image Processing Module for Android App Develop image recognition software (similar to facial recognition) preferably using Python, but suggestions are welcome. - Develop information forms for business card website Develop Informational Website for a Tie Store - Develop interactive Lectora software Develop interactive map for site like for website. Website provided upon acceptance of NDA - Develop inventory sync for multile sites Develop inventory template in excel - Develop IOS / Android app ((Reward Chart)) Develop IOS / Android app (Reward Chart) - develop ios and android mobile app Develop iOS and Android phone app - Develop iOS app from scratch Develop IOS App that users can create name, categorize and rate at least 10 items - develop iOS game Develop iOS Game - Like Theme Hospital - Develop IP Bulletin plugins for forum Develop IP Bulletin plugins for forum Repost - develop iphone , ipad , android 2d 3d game Develop Iphone - Android Radio App IN ONE DAY - Develop Iphone and Website Application Develop Iphone Aplication - Develop iPhone App built on Bullseye Locations API Develop iPhone app Calendar - Develop iPhone Application - Scan QR BarCodes & Geo Location Develop iPhone application - Video app - Develop iPhone movies app Develop iPhone multiplayer 2D game - Develop iPython SciPy, Scikit, Matplotlib code to analyze forum postings and interpret results Develop iPython SciPy, Scikit, Matplotlib code to analyze forum postings and interpret results -- 2 - Develop Java integration to data cleaner Develop Java Library - Develop Job site portal & Online tutorial Develop Jobs Portal and - Develop joomla+google maps PHP sports web site Develop JQuery based Calender Booking System - develop landing page develop landing page - Develop library to operate a BLE dongle on Windows Develop LifeRay theme From PSD - Develop Loading Screen for Node.js Web Application Develop Local Database for an iOS App (iPhone and iPad) - Develop Logo Concept - repost Develop logo for a Corporate Identity - Develop Loyalty CRM program + Integrate POS terminal with the program Develop Loyalty CRM program + POS terminal configuration & integrate with the program - DEVELOP MACRO RECORDING APPLICATION Develop macro to analyze data. See video explanation attached - Develop Magento Store for UK Market and Add 250 Products. Develop Magento template - Develop marketing documents for a VOIP project Develop Marketing Materials - Develop mathematical puzzles Develop Mathematical Tasks - Develop me an IOS and Android Social Application Develop me Chess and Checkers multiplayer - Develop messenger cum sms services Develop Messenger service Skype - Develop minimal valuable application Develop Minimum Viable Product - develop mobile app develop mobile app - Develop Mobile App for my current widget Develop Mobile App for my widget - Develop Mobile Application Develop Mobile Application - Develop Mobile application(s) Develop mobile applications - Develop mobile optimized theme for my wordpress site Develop Mobile Phone Site from existing Magento Store - Develop Modbus RTU datalogger under openAT Develop Modues for a php based browsergame - develop money transfer api model in exsting project. develop MongoDB Index process, simple php web query interface - Develop MS Excel application to automatically gather stock and option prices from yahoo and google finance Develop MS office like application - Develop multiple Pivot tables from an excel worksheet Develop Multivendor ecommerce project - Develop my CV Develop my database application - Develop my newsletter in 30 minutes Develop my online brand and sites - Develop my web site. Develop my webshop in shopify ecommerce - Develop my website using template Develop my website! I need your best bid - Develop Native Iphone, iPad App Develop Native Mobile App for Online Newspaper - Develop new corporate logo and identity Develop new custom tech support website - Develop New homapage and Apply on website Develop New Home page and template - Develop New Popup plugin for WP Develop New Popup plugin for WP ) - Develop new web based Hotel Online Marketing Automation Suite (SaaS) using PHP/MYSQL Develop new web based service digital marketing automation service website using PHP/MYSQL - Develop new WordPress website with API service to let other websites get registered members information. Develop new WP homepages on the Story WP theme for three existing websites - Develop October CMS extension. Develop Odds Matching software - Develop on existing JQuery DIV carousel Develop on ingenico POS - Develop One page Checkout for an e-commerce website and mobile app Develop One page CMS Code - Develop online assessment Develop Online Backup Software - Develop online game: HTML/CSS/javascript Develop online hosting site - Develop Online Shopping Website Develop Online Simulation (for Project Management Calculation) - Develop Open source CRM (Sugar CRM) Develop OPEN TAPS POS restaurant system - Develop or Adapt C+ Code for Server's Redundant System Slot Features(repost) DEVELOP OR BIULD A WEBSITE & MOB APPS WITH THE INTEGRATION OF KOLMISOFT (MOR) API - Develop Oracle Apex Application