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Develop Database Auto-Extractor - DEVELOP DATING WEBSITE - PHP MySQL - Based on our DESIGN & FEATURE specifications - Repost - open to bidding Develop dating-escort/social website with version mobile (for Pheobustech) -- 1 - Develop Design manag Website and manag CEO + google yahoo adwards - open to bidding Develop design of web site for making doctor's appointments - Develop DevExpress based dashboard reporting soltuion develop different 3d models - Develop Dofollow Backlink Checker Develop Domain names - Develop Drupal real estate site(repost)(repost)(repost) Develop Drupal Site - Develop e-Commence Store - Cosmetic & Makeup Develop e-commerce photo gallery website - develop e-reader app Develop e-signature system - develop eBooks WEB and iBook reader for APPLE and Android. Develop EC2 Framwork for my cloud client - Develop eCommerce Website Develop eCommerce Website - Develop eLearning module on bioterror agents - smallpox Develop eLearning module on bioterror agents - white powder - Develop email response for several web forms Develop email template - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop employee workload analysis excel template -- 2 Develop Empower Website - Develop ERP for Construction Company Develop ERP module for prestashop - Develop Excel Macros - Private repeat mod develop excel model - Develop Existing PHP script for Magento SOAP API Develop existing PHP script into wordpress plugin - develop Expert Advisor Develop Expert Advisor in MQL4 or MQL5 EA - Develop Facebook App Develop Facebook App - develop facebook extractor software Develop Facebook Fan Pages - Develop FAQ Video Pages And Main FAQ Page With Links To Each Video FAQ Develop fashion blog - Develop FFT in embedded system Develop FFT in embedded system using stm32f4 discovery board - Develop firefox and chrome extension for cashback website Develop firefox and chrome extension for cashback website -- 2 - Develop Flash Based Online Game - Car Modification Game Develop flash card game - Develop Flash site further (AS3) Develop Flash site further (AS3) approx 20hrs - Develop for Windows and Mac Desktops, a Print Monitor applet which re-orders toner Develop Force Feedback Controller for Win7 64 using a PIC24 and MPLAB IDE - develop frame work using selenium with python,ruby, or java Develop framework for differential path construction and chosen-prefix collisions for MD5 based on Marc Stevens whitepaper - Develop Front end theme for price comparison/ cashback website develop front end UI - Develop fully automated, easy to use, customizable backup script for multiple Joomla! (1.5, 2.5, 3.0) and WordPress websites Develop fully automated, easy to use, customizable backup script for multiple Joomla! (1.5, 2.5, 3.0) and WordPress websites - repost - develop game according to the code given Develop Game Applet - develop games 7stud poker Develop Games For iPhones And iPads - Develop Google API Based Website Develop google app engine app, G vision, PHP python octave - Develop Graphics For Program Plus Fix Bugs Develop Gravity Form WordPress’s Plugin : “Add Form Category" for admin system - Develop Healthcare Website Develop healthy SEO for my Wordpress - Develop HMI(Human Machine Interface) for Water Distribution System. Develop Hookah & Vapor Bar - Develop HTML 5, PHP, JQuery Mobile App Android/Apple Develop HTML and CSS sheets for site as per brief/discussion - develop HTML5 sites created by form Develop HTML5 slot machine game - Develop identity icons/graphics develop iframe or form for booking to be directly onsite - Develop in Tally Erp9 -- 2 develop in to a better website - Develop Instant Quote Application For Website Develop Instant Quote Calculator - Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting -- 2 Develop internal tools using Amazon MWS API + PHP/MYSQL/FlatUI + Git - Develop Ios & Android App for a delivery service Develop iOS & Android App for online shopping - Develop IOS and Android Application Develop iOS and Android Application - Develop iOS app - Capture Photos/Video - save in app Develop iOS app - have existing Android app - Develop IOS application -- 2 Develop ios application for (Ipad and Iphone) - Develop iOS Project Develop iOS Social Networking Application - Develop iPhone & Android 'Live Chat' app. Develop iPhone & Android App - Develop iPhone and Android Apps for Food Delivery Service Develop iPhone and Android Apps for Food Delivery Service -- 2 - Develop iphone app develop iPhone app - develop iphone app-- Mr.Tung invited only Develop iPhone app. Design will be provided in PSD. - Develop iPhone chatting app Develop Iphone Facebook Only Login/Sign in Sample App - Develop IPhone/Android app Develop Iphone/Android App - Develop Java API to connect to JawBone wearable device Develop JAVA API for Sharekhan API - Develop Javascript Develop JavaScript code to inject in browser extension - Develop Joomla Component to Integrate with Teamwork PM's API Develop Joomla Extension - Develop JSP Front End for WebApp Develop Juicebox-like Galleries on Drupal website - develop launcher Develop Laundry Detergent - Develop limited email solution (cloud) with internal operations/external service touchpoints -- 2 Develop LinkedIn Data Extraction Software . - Develop login function for car parts website Develop login function for car parts website - Develop Logo for Startup Develop logo idents - Develop Loyalty system using Ofbiz Develop Loyalty system using Ofbiz - Develop Magento Category Upload Extension Develop Magento Comm Website - Develop Magento tracking extension similar to Google Analytics Develop magento website - Develop Marketing Plan to get 2 million user to our website in the next 24 months Develop Marketing Plan to get 2 million user to our website in the next 24 months - Develop Matrimonial site. Develop Matrimonial site. - open to bidding - Develop me Simple Online web Base application System Develop media device that can connect to tv to stream live video - Develop Messenger service Skype application Develop Metatrader 4 Indicators and Expert Advisor - Develop missing pages Develop MLS API for GlobalBoost - Develop Mobile App (CRM software) in hybrid development framework. develop mobile app (joomla/ijoomer/jomsocial) - Develop mobile app for my wordpress Develop mobile app For Salesboard - Develop mobile application Develop mobile application - Develop Mobile Apps develop mobile apps - Develop mobile portal for WordPress site Develop mobile rich media ads that can be converted into Celtra templates - Develop module "Catalogue of products / services" Develop module - Prestashop - develop MongoDB Index process, simple php web query interface - open to bidding Develop Moodle 2.8+ block - Develop MS Office plug-in
Develop MS-Project Plan - Develop Muscles Really Fast! Develop Music and Video player from scratch - Develop my database application Develop my database further - Develop my newsletter in 30 minutes Develop my online brand and sites - Develop my webshop in shopify ecommerce DEVELOP MY WEBSITE - Develop my website using template Develop my website! I need your best bid - Develop Native Iphone, iPad App Develop Native Mobile App for Online Newspaper - develop new corporate identity, logo and stationary - repost to include list of items required Develop new corporate logo and identity - Develop New Highly Dynamic Website: PHP and MySQL (or .NET.. Develop New homapage and Apply on website - develop new OSC web site from existing site Develop New Phone system for Hotel using asterisk or possibly elastix and freepbx - Develop new user-facing features on actual Website (Checkout, Product Detail Page, etc) Develop New Version of WordPress Theme - Develop new Wordpress Plugin Develop New WordPress Theme - Develop NSTextField subclass specialized for IP Address input/display. Develop NT-service plus front-end control panel to communicate with a cloud service - Develop offer/deal APP Develop office 365 SharePoint 2013 online site - Develop one MVC Page Develop one or many ecommerce templates within the Direct-Choice CMS - develop online 3D application for PC and Mac/ipad Develop Online Accounting Software - Develop online game Develop online game for website - Develop Online RPG Game site similar to Gaia Online. Develop Online Selling Website Module - Develop Online World using Multiverse Platform Develop Online/Mobile Database function + Label Printing Software - Develop Opennebula Sunstone extension for custom VM scheduling Develop OpenOffice Calc Code - develop organiser for Android Develop organissational marketing objective - Develop our Email list for marketing Develop our Global Market - Develop Outlook macros to integrate with OneNote Develop Outlook macros to integrate with OneNote -- 2 - Develop partnership scrip for Joomshoping Develop Patient Database in Microsoft Access - Develop PC and Mac Software Similar To TVMC Kodi Develop PC Game (Boxing) - Develop Phase of construction project Develop phone application - Develop Photoshop Plugin Develop PHP - Develop PHP Help Desk Develop PHP Help Desk -- 2 - Develop PHPFox modules Develop phpprobid site - Develop Plugin for Job and Store listings in Joomla 1.5 Develop Plugin for Job and Store listings in Joomla 2.5 - Develop Poker (Slot) Machine Application For Iphone with IN App Purchases - repost Develop Poker Application - Develop PPT's, activities and case stdies on given topic for management students DEVELOP PR PLAN FOR STARTUP - develop prestashop tpl file -- 2 develop prestashop tpl file -- 3 - Develop production drawings from existing Solidworks 3D model Develop productivity application like calendar/task manager with interfaces on ipad/iphone/mac and icloud database synchronization - develop program that scrapes data from ecommerce and imports to opencart develop program that scrapes data from ecommerce and imports to opencart - Develop prototype for new word/spelling game app for iOS Develop prototype of computer game - Develop Python program to download, analyze and visualize data Develop Python Script - Develop QuickBooks Online App Develop Quiz - Develop Ready to Use payment platform with Cyclos 4 Develop real estate buying and selling App for ios and android - Develop recruitment platform Develop recruitment portal - Develop Reporting Tool for a web application Develop Reports for an ERP Application - develop responsive web site develop responsive web site - Develop Resume and Cover letter variations Develop resume parser for a specialized type of resumes - Develop Roulette - a multiplayer Flash game that communicates with the remote server running php - repost Develop Roulette Game In WPF - DEVELOP SALES TRANSACTION APP Develop Sales/Marketing Strategy - Develop SCORM Engine Develop Scraper for Website - Develop script in selenium DEVELOP SCRIPT OR ACTION IN PHOTOSHOP - develop sections of site and some re-design Develop secure members area with online finance calculators and surveys - Develop server part of iphone ap develop server part of iphone app - Develop sharepoint list with User Interface for data entry, forms and workflows Develop SharePoint master page and implement two page site in SharePoint Online using Twitter bootstrap framework - develop shopping website Develop Short Code Application - Develop simple Android app Develop simple android app for online quick cash loan website - Develop simple CSS theme for website Develop simple Dart Game - Develop simple iOS game similar to Bubble Diver Game Develop Simple iOS Games for a Mobile Startup - Develop Simple Mobile Application Develop simple mobile application for android - Develop Simple Prototype - Hybrid App Ionic - open to bidding Develop Simple Prototype Native IOS app in PHP - Develop simple website in PHP or CF or .NET or HTML Develop simple website script - Develop Single Use-Case iPhone App Develop single web page design (Photoshop) - Develop site/script like Develop site/script like - Develop small PCB for 6VDC/1A output converter Develop small PHP Mysql site - Develop SMS Applications Develop SMS payment application - Develop social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) Develop social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) - develop social work site Develop Software - Develop Software - Google And Amazon Data Pulling Needed Develop Software - Partly Developed Already - Develop Software for downloading various media - repost develop software for existing website preety much similar to sign up page software. - Develop software for you. Java SE. Develop software for you. Java SE. - Develop software to automatically generate catalog pages Develop Software To Automatically Insert Adverts On Classified Section - Develop software/database for buffalo dairy farm management - open to bidding Develop software/strategy for ebay sales - Develop some part of iPhone App Develop some parts of an iPhone Application - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop something on my Wordpress site DEVELOP SOUNDCLOUD PLAYER FOR WEBSITE - Develop splash page from designs Develop Splash Page Website - Develop Static DNS Application for Android - REPOST Develop Static DNS Application for Android - REPOST II - Develop string parser function that works like shortcode in Wordpress develop student information portal mobile app - Develop Support Chat App (similar to