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Develop Brand Name and Marketing Strategy - Develop BTC trading platform Develop buck boost converter with design calculations - Develop Business Plan & Executive Summary Develop Business Plan for Photography, Videography and Audio Business - Develop C# functions to create/read Flash cookies (local shared objects) Develop C# functions to create/read Flash cookies (local shared objects) - Develop Calendar app similar to sunrise app with swift. Develop calendar share /sync afterlogic webmail pro - develop CASINO, JACKPOT and POCKER type flash games - open to bidding Develop Casual Game - Develop chat work with wordpress and WooCommerce Develop Chatbot - Develop Chrome/browser plugins - open to bidding Develop Chromium Applications - Develop Cloud Based CRM portal Develop Cloud Based Software Application/Website - Develop code to map a data set from mapping table as an excel back end applicaiton Develop code to scrape PDF files - Develop Community Web Site develop Company - Develop Complete Joomla Site from Fireworks CS5 Design Files Develop Complete Magento Website - Develop construction drawings Develop Construction Site - Develop Cool iPhone Game Like Words With Friends Develop Cool Logo's - Develop corporate identity manual Develop Corporate Identity, Logo, website - develop creative ideas through the digital world develop creative ideas through the digital world - open to bidding - Develop crystal reports on SABA LMS Develop CS-Cart Multi-Vendor fully responsive theme - Develop custom bidding/auction system using in webpage. Develop Custom Booking Function for WP Theme - Develop custom GUI Develop Custom High End Flash player - Develop Custom Real Estate Admin Panel (CMS) And Front End Site Develop custom registration component+module for Joomla 1.5+ - Develop Custom Website using Word Press and Flash Develop custom websites using Codeigniter - Develop Customized Android application Develop customized application Visual Basic. NET Database Sql Server - Develop data structure that represents an Othello board Develop Data Visualization Applications for Fortune 500 Company - Develop databases for mobile game for Android and iOS develop databases synchronization program - Develop demo screens for iPhone IDEAS app develop design and html coding for the trading site - Develop Desktop EPOS Application (Must have a portfolio/Experience) develop desktop KPI app. 4 government education - Develop DIY Javascript Image Editor Develop Django REST backend services - Develop drawing 2d polygon with unity3d - repost Develop DriverUpdater Software with C# - Develop Dynamic Model Plaform Develop Dynamic Network Charts - develop e-course/e-book in Managing Projects develop e-go courier module for prestashop - Develop easy algorithms in Java Develop easy algorithms with java - Develop Ecommerce Functionality Develop eCommerce Gift Card store - Develop Education Courseware for Kids and students Develop Education Courseware for Kids and students - Develop Email Client, Windows Desktop Application Develop Email Drip System for Website - Develop embedded C Code for ARM processor and LoRa wireless Develop Embedded code - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop English test Develop English test -- 2 - Develop ESEA proof hacks csgo Develop ethernet communication code using C to go in TI's MSP430F5638 processor with SPI to Ethernet controller ENC28J60T-I/SS - Develop exe that can post to FB when clicked Develop exisiting java search software to make use of proxy servers - develop existing website Develop existing website with PHP, hosted on embedded system - develop extension library for Microsoft Network Policy Server (x64 dll) Develop Extension Shipping group for Opencart - Develop Facebook Application Develop Facebook Application - develop facebook page TracisBeautyStop develop facebook page TracisBeautyStop - open to bidding - Develop features and fix Magento web site Develop Features for a Cryptocurrency Wallet/Client - Develop Files Upload module develop final production design of a Notebook/Laptop computer range from a basic design - Develop fitness app (design + programming) Develop fitness app for iOS and Android - Develop Flash Game like + iOS App + Android App Develop Flash Game, with multiplier sessions - develop flight search develop flowchart and Activity Cycle Diagrams with detailed explanations - Develop forms and queries from an existing Access Data Base; implement Mail Merge and an Outlook Calendar for a small law office from Access Develop forms and queries from an existing Access Data Base; implement Mail Merge and an Outlook Calendar for a small law office from Access -- 2 - Develop FreightQuote Component & Plugin Develop from anywhere you want! - Develop Frontend for Innovative Analytics Platform Develop frontend for Web, AOS and IOS - develop functional java calendar DEVELOP FUNCTIONAL TEST FIXTURE - Develop game in Dart/HTML5 Develop game in Dart/HTML5 - - Develop Gaming Website Develop General Stats, Site Visits, Regional Stats, Server Stats on the Metronic dashboard so the analytics work with our server and website - Develop Google Maps GPS application for iPhone and PC develop google maps, email scrapper - Develop guage with Google Visualzation API develop guesthouse website - Develop Heart Failure Registry database - repost Develop Heart Failure Registry database 2 - Develop hostel management system Develop Hosting site - Develop HTML emailers (we will provide design and content) Develop Html for 2 pages - Develop HTML5 Template template Develop HTML5 tracking module using local sqlite DB - develop iframe or form for booking to be directly onsite Develop iillistrations for a child's custom story - Develop in Tally Erp9 -- 2 develop in to a better website - Develop InsuranceSqueeze Develop inteface for Samsung HC10 Medical Device - Develop Internet Browser Supporting Multiple Layout Engines develop internet casino - Develop iOS & Android Game with unity 3D Develop iOS & iPad app - Develop iOS and Android application (reposted) Develop iOS and Android application -- 2 - Develop iOS app for information sharing. Develop iOS app for iPhone & iPad - Develop iOS apps using SWIFT or Objective C. Must have developed apps using iOS SDK 8.x, Xcode6,HealthKit Develop iOS business app - develop iOS/Android app using iBeacons Develop iOS/Android library to read a proprietary barcode format - Develop iPhone & Android Application Develop iPhone & Android application - Develop iphone and android apps that will open my site in a Web browser object. Should be delivered in 48 Hours. Develop iPhone and Android mobile application (end-to-end) - Develop iPhone app - Finder+Directory+Calendar develop iPhone app - open to bidding - Develop Iphone Application Develop iPhone Application - Develop iphone game Develop iphone game - Develop iPhone/Android application with platform backend
develop iphone/ipad & android app - Develop JAVA API fro Sharekhan Tradetiger Develop Java App for Mobile Phones & iOS - Develop JavaScript code to inject in browser extension Develop javascript pinch zoom - Develop Joomla Component to Integrate with Teamwork PM's API Develop Joomla Extension - Develop JSON code for digital signage application (media signage) Develop JSP Front End for WebApp - develop launcher Develop Laundry Detergent - Develop limited email solution (cloud) with internal operations/external service touchpoints -- 2 Develop LinkedIn Data Extraction Software . - Develop login function for car parts website Develop login function for car parts website - Develop Logo for Photography Interview Website Develop Logo for Startup - Develop Loyalty program + POS configuration with integrate with the program - repost 2 Develop Loyalty Rewards Plugin For Buzztoch IDE & Integrate with Scandit SDK - develop Magento extension from Wordpress plugin ( notes in Korean) Develop Magento Category Upload Extension - Develop magento theme develop magento theme - Develop Marketing Materials Develop Marketing Materials for my company - Develop matlab function develop MATLAB simulations for range and Doppler shift estimation in an automotive radar application - Develop me an IOS and Android Social Application Develop me Chess and Checkers multiplayer - Develop Messaging App Like WhatsApp For iOS And Android With All My Requirements Develop Messanger - Develop mikrotik customized radius hotspot -- 2 Develop Mindmap / Treemap application or Website - Develop mobile app Develop mobile app - Develop Mobile App for iphone Develop mobile app for iPhone / Android - use in NZ - Develop mobile app using Xamarin. Forms Develop Mobile App with PhoneGap - Develop mobile application to interact with bluetooth 4 LE sensor device - iOS version Develop mobile application using Appcelerator - Develop mobile games on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile - Project #01 Develop mobile games on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile - Project #02 - Develop Mobile-friendly Form/Widget Develop mobile/responsive website - Develop module for Shopify Develop module Mangopay - Develop MRP software Develop MS Access (MSAccess) forms for database. - Develop multiple Applications Develop multiple Applications - 30/12/2016 13:51 EST - Develop my Business Develop my business website - Develop My Game In 3 days Only Develop my hotel website - develop my role applicaton 2parts...... develop my Search website better(repost) - Develop my website -Phase3.1 Develop my website -Phase3.2 - Develop Native Android application (**Urgent** ) Develop Native App For IOS and android - Develop new app and website incl gps, login etc develop new aspx page - Develop new features for our node.js Web application. Develop new features for website - php, css, mySql - Develop New Leads for Established Company Develop new LMS - Develop New Social Media Network Develop New Social Media Network Website - Develop New Website (Template & Pictures provided) Develop New Website and Upload Products - Develop Nice WordPress Template From Designs (re-post 2) Develop Nice WordPress Template From Designs (re-post) - Develop of Android App with bluetooth interaction Develop of Bowling Game (HTML5, WebGL) - Develop One C# Class Develop One C# Class - Develop one simple CHART function by using C++ Develop one smart hyperlink - Develop online data entry form for customers in / Develop online database on the platform to - Develop Online PHP Accounting and Business Management System DEVELOP ONLINE PLANT NURSERY SO PEOPLE CAN BUY PLANTS ONLINE - Develop online store in magento Develop online store with laravel or symphony or a common PHP framework - Develop OpenCart functionality Develop OpenCart Module - Develop or customize gallery plugin Develop or Implement a Tinder Clone iOS Script for mobile dating app - Develop our similar to Develop our app using a web based template - no coding required - Develop our PSD files to responsive wordpress website today Develop our PSD files to responsive wordpress website today5 - Develop Page - Angular, Struts2, Sql Server Develop Page for Video On-Demand - Develop Payment Gateway module in WHMCS Develop Payment Gateway Plugins For AppThemes - Jobsroller Theme - [Wordpress] - develop pedometer app using accelerometer that can interact with another app using bluetooth Develop Pen Tool like Photoshop - Develop PhoneGap application to support iOS, Android, Windows backed by PHP API. Develop Phonegap Camera Plugin For Android - Develop PHP based FV calculator for my website Develop PHP based Institute Registration Form with online payment gateway. - Develop PHP Script To Generate Flash (SWF) files (using something like Ming?) Develop PHP search system and add into wordpress website - Develop Plagiarism checker Plugin Develop plan for software application ( desktop - PDA ) - Develop Plugin for Wordpress and Emby Media Server Develop plugin for wordpress/appointment+ - Develop POP print display Develop Popup Script that can cklickjac facebook user. - Develop premium wordpress Develop premium wordpress - Develop Private Advertising Plugin for bbPress Develop private app for shopify - interactive lookbook - Develop professional software Skin Develop Professional UI for an iPad application - 02/08/2016 15:10 EDT - develop project dashboard Develop project for vacational rental - Develop PSD Website Template Develop PSD Website Template - Develop Python script to convert Geospatial PDF to KML preserving styles Develop python utilities - Develop Quiz Plugin for Wordpress Develop Quiz Plugin for Wordpress - Develop Real Estate Trading Platform Develop Real Estate Website - Develop registration software to correct print issue Develop registration website - Develop Reports in OFBiz (Apache OFBiz) Develop reports in ZuckerReports for SugarCRM - develop Responsive website . Develop Responsive Website from HTML Template - Develop Retro-Space, Adventure, Survival Video Games Develop reusable Flex 3 dialog - Develop Roulette Game In WPF -- 2 Develop router / firewall software - Develop SalesForce Mobile Applications Develop Salesforce triggers - Develop scraper in PHP to get opening hours of insurance company Develop Scraper Property Listing Website - Develop Script to make VirtualBox Send a shutdown signal when logging out of the Mac Host Develop script to pull info from HR app to google calendar - Develop security for unity 3d web application Develop security training slides - Develop seo