PHP based online inventory management

We currently use a desktop accounting software. We are looking for an online inventory management solution. The program will be written in PHP and will be deployed on a Yahoo web hosting server.

It would be helpful if you had worked on similar projects before. If you have, please provide the website of your past work so we can take a look.

We will provide screen prints of each form we are looking for.

These are the features we are looking for:

1. User authentication is required to log in to the site. So we need a form to register user/password, and to retrieve a password.

2. Purchase Order and Vendor

-- A form to add/edit/delete vendors

-- We will need to ADD/EDIT/Delete a Purchase order.

a. To add a new Purchase Order. , we will select a vendor, select the products and specify the quantity of products, and then generate this purchase order as a PDF file

b. To Edit an existing purchase order.

c. We can delete an existing purchase order.

---- Develop a form to receive Products

a. This form will open an existing Purchase Order, and go through the products in this purchase order, and Receive products by specify the number of each product received. We could receive partial order (For example, we ordered 10 wheels, but we only received 5, so we will RECEIVE 5, and the purchase order will show we still have 5 more to arrive).

b. As soon as we Receive some products, the "Quantity Available" of this product will be updated accordingly.

----- When all the products in an existing Purchase Order have been received, we will mark this purchase order as Closed. A purchase order will have OPEN or CLOSED status.

3. Inventory/Products

-- Develop a form to allow us to Add/Edit/Delete products.

We need to keep track of the product inventory

a. When there a Purchase order for this product, it will show up here as "Quantity on PO"

b. When a Purchase Order receives a product, the "Quantity Available" of this product will be updated.

c. We can manually update the "Quantity Available" field.

d. We can specify a "Minimum Stock" number. When the inventory quantity drops to this number, we want to receive an alert -- Could be message box or/and an email. This alert feature can be turned on or off. Because sometimes we don't need to keep track of the Minimum Stock for some products.

4. Customer

-- Develop a form to allow us to Add/Edit/Delete customers.

-- Customer will have one Bill to Address, but can have more than one Ship-To address.

5. Create Packing List (Order)

-- Develop a form to allow us to Add/Edit/Delete Packing List. Each packing list represents an order from a customer.

-- Each Packing List represents an order from a customer. So Packing List will have customer BILL TO address, and SHIP TO address, and then the products they ordered.

-- When a product is ordered and shipped, the inventory of this product will be updated -- "Quantity Available" will be updated accordingly.

-- The package list needs to be converted into a PDF file. The PDF file can be printed or emailed.

6. Reports:

-- Select a customer, and then view all the past orders of this customer.

-- Select a product, and then view all the past orders had this product.

-- Select a vendor, and show all the past purchase orders associated with this vendor.

-- Select a product, and show all the past purchase orders associated with this product

Skills: Graphic Design, HTML, MySQL, PHP, Website Design

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