We Need A Programmer That Is Willing To Stay With Us Until The End Of The Development Of ARQ

ARQ will be a Singleplayer-Multiplayer game circling around an alien planet dubbed 'Vita Nova', which in Latin means new life.

This is copy-pasted from the Discord server that we use for communication that is also linked in on our website.

This is our website link: [url removed, login to view]

This is our Discord link: [url removed, login to view]

So what we have so far in terms of story is that this company that we don't have a name for yet went to go colonize the moon after the Earth had hit our population limit. After the moon had been built upon and inhabited to its greatest potential we moved on.

The amount of money that had to be spent, the prototypes, the resources that were extinguished were insurmountable, and the economy took a while to recover as you can imagine.

But in the end, the project was successful, and the Earth's governments and space stations decided that in the near future that more missions would be planned to colonize - albeit much farther away - the moons of Saturn, Io, and Titan.

From the known discoveries that both moons had water, that would be a huge money saver as they wouldn't have to send regular shipments to the colonies on the moon until they constructed a reliable water source.

Years passed as Earth developed the materials to make a mission of this aptitude.

Billions of currency were spent on this project until they had made the planet's most valued vessel, name the Titanic in honour of the world's once greatest ship to roam the seas, and now her legacy would sail through the stars.

They sent the Titanic for Io and Titan, the missions again proving successful.

Perhaps this was where (company name) was getting cocky in their winnings, that they thought that they could achieve the greatest feat known to man.

Traveling to a different solar system, to a different planet altogether.

There they would land on the rock orbiting Alpha Centauri, a star cataloged into Earth's constellations and star-charts for thousands of years, they were finally close enough to almost touch it.

Earth knew about the intelligent life that inhabited the universe, they knew that they were conscious beings capable of space travel, of politics and the art of trade, but what they didn't know is that they were plunging their most valued astroneers into the depths of an alien war.

They didn't know at first, and they labeled their mission as an on-going success, naming the exo-planet (name) as they set up civilization.

It was months before they were informed of the war forming above their new colonies heads', and the company looked at the colony in terms of their values in money, not in life.

After a quick debate went amongst them, they set out an announcement to the public that the mission was a sudden failure, that a highly combustible item spontaneously ruptured during transit and killed all crew members in a chain reaction.

After feeding the public lies, they went on to revoke all supplies to the colony, leaving them there to die.

Years went by before the war ended, but the people of the colony survived.

They went on to live their lives, their stories passing to their children until the original generation had died and returned to the ground.

It doesn't take long for a civilization to forget themselves, and so they did over the course of two centuries that grew to three more.

Five-hundred years had passed them by, and now time was greeted with new religions, new stories, new people.

More is on the Discord server as we don't want to reveal any sensitive information.

If you would like to part please PM me (Lucchi), saying what you would like to do and I'll put you on a personal VC (Voice Chat).

PLEASE NOTE: We are a beginning game and beginning Developers, please be patient with us, we know almost nothing about programming. Please be able to be flexible. Early Access games such as these will no doubt have changes and bugs in the programming.

Bad concept art is down below ◦-◦'

Skills: Game Development, Programming

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Hi There, Thanks for your valuable time. :-) Please check below points : 1. ARQ will be a Singleplayer-Multiplayer game circling around an alien planet dubbed 'Vita Nova', which in Latin means new life. Thi More

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I am very interested in the game that you have described and would enjoy working on it. I have experience of programming games in the past although I have never officially released a game as I mostly have done it for t More

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