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Hello there! I am looking for someone to help make a dynamic database application for windows XP/Vista/7. This application is designed to allow users to build their own database with many features at their disposal. They will be able to both view the database, and edit it on the fly within the program itself. The application should be written in C++/C#, but feel free to ask if you would like to write it in a different language.

## Deliverables

Because of the programs flexibility it could be used as something entirely different for example such as a food database or maybe even a database on merchandise. There will be two fundamental modes within the program. There will be the typical "Viewing" mode where users can view the database, and there will be the "Edit" mode where users can add/delete/make changes to the data base. In these examples the program will be shown as an employee management tool. Please comment in your code where the names of the buttons are specified please.

Here is the first button

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When you click on it, it will bring you to this page which shows four buttons (user should be able to add more if they want) which their names can be defined in either an INI file or done through the program though an edit mode.

When selecting the next page it will show these buttons using the same method to define the names on the buttons.

Clicking it, you go even further down into the tree and this is where the employees get broken up by store.

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And here they get broken up by what their title is

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Here is the employees profile page

The structure now would be Master Region>Sub Region>Sub Sub Region/Job Type/Employee (The user can have these things be different categories though as they can specify the names of the buttons.)

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It shows the employees picture as well as the ability to change between multiple pictures of the employee that are stored in the employees folder (@programdir/Category #/Sub-Category/Sub-Sub Category/Type Category/Entry Page/") On this page you can store all the information needed. At the bottom a large text area so the user may input a text based description on the overall page. One more thing I would like to do is have a colored box in the employees profile that you can right click it and do "change color" and pick from 5 different colors. Red, Blue, Green, Grey and Black. The user should be able to hit the next and back buttons to go between different "profile" pages as well. At the top of the profile page the user will also see the directory that they are currently in IE. West Coast/John's Hardware/Store 35/John Smith/.

On the left side there should be a list of entries that can be viewed here. When in the edit mode a new page will start with only one entry. The line will have a blank title to the left of it describing what will be added in the field. Below it there should be a green plus sign, when clicked, it will ask you what you want the new line to be called. You say "Name" it then adds in a line that says Name. You then click next to it to type in what you want the associated text to say. It adds it in. You should also be able to right click the text you just put in and do "add sub line" which will add an expandable plus sign that When clicked it will expand the extra information you just provided. I would also like to be able to right click the text fields and have the option to add hover text and an associated picture. At the bottom, after all the entries are added the user will find another button that when clicked can bring open a new window which will have some more text that the user can use as they wish.

Also consider being able to save these pages, export them to a .html and saving the page as a "template" if they wanted to add a similar database entry using the same format (ie. same lines of info on the right side). And opening individual "profile pages" in a new window while still keeping the original application window prior to clicking.

At the bottom of this page there is a button called expand that when clicked reveals a grid sort of thing that can be utalized as the users wish. Here is what it would look like expanded. [login to view URL]

Here you can add in custom text into the many fields seen and add additional fields as needed. When you add a field you will be asked if you want it to be a custom field or if you want to pick from a list of fields (populated from the jobs button, explained later) If there are too many buttons a scroll bar should be utilized.

Moving on to the jobs button.

[login to view URL] first then > [login to view URL]

Here you can see the breakdown of the different jobs. If you can think of a more efficient way of doing this WITHOUT having it in a grid based list then let me know. This gives the users an alternate way to view the data that is populating their database. Keep in mind it will be utalized in many diffferent ways so this is why it is helpful to allow the users to sort this button's list in ascending/descending different ways.

When clicking on a job this is what it should look like.

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This job page will be able to do two things. Firstly when clicking "add job" on the employee page you will be presented with the names of the jobs (in a list) that have been added to the jobs. The other thing it will be used for is another tool inside of this program under "quick references" this will be the "Filter By" tool.

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Essentially you can filter an employee by adding jobs (from a list) that correspond with the ones added to the employees and the ones listed on the job page.

The "quick references" button.

[login to view URL]

Here they can add in whatever files they want to open with ease. They could make a button that when clicked opens up a web page, or open a pdf, word document or what ever file the point it to. Simply hit the + button and it will ask you where the file is and then ask you what to name the button as well as picture from a list of icons supplied by the program.

I would also like one of the main buttons to allow the user to make their own free-form page as well. It would allow the user in edit mode to place pictures, text, and grid based information however they may choose and on separate tabs.

Other things to consider is a splash screen at the start-up, exporting the database into a file that a user with the same application can import, and saving templates for profile pages.

This concludes the overview of how the program should basically be able to be used when complete, if you have any questions please let me know.

Skills: Engineering, Linux, Project Management, Software Architecture, Software Testing, UNIX, Virtual Assistant, Windows Desktop

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