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File Format of Contest Entries

One of the most asked questions for contests that require digital submissions is in what format should a file be. Depending on the contest type, here are the acceptable file formats for each:

Design contests
  • Entries should be in JPEG, GIF or PNG formats with an aspect ratio of 6:4 for easier viewing. Animated gifs are not supported.


Video-related contests
  • MOV, MPEG, FLV, and AVI are the supported video formats.


Text-based contests 
  • Entries can be submitted in PDF and ODT formats.


The maximum file size per entry is 250MB. In case you are unsure of what format your entry should be in, you can check the contest description. The information is normally indicated by the contest holder on the Description tab of the contest page like below.


You can also contact the contest holder about their preferences and requirements through private messaging or the Public Clarification Board. 

When the contest is awarded, the winning designer will need to upload a file in the format that the contest holder requires. 

For example, a contest for a logo design can receive entries in JPEG, PNG or GIF. However, the contest holder needs a JPEG file. Once the contest is awarded, the winner should then upload a JPEG file of his/her entry even if he submitted a PNG or GIF file before. The maximum size of a file that can be uploaded during handover is 200 MB per file.

If the contest holder requests file changes or adjustments after awarding, the winner can still make changes to their submission as stated in this article

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