What is a Guaranteed Contest?

If you want designers scrambling to create the best design for you, post your contest as a Guaranteed contest. The best part? It’s free!

Guaranteed contests attract more entries because you are guaranteeing that you will pick a winner. Once your Guaranteed contest ends, you still have 14 days to choose a winner before the contest becomes locked. If you need more time, you can even extend your contest to receive more entries! Note: Extension can be done only while the contest is still open and not yet locked.

If in any case the Guaranteed contest is still not awarded after 30 days of closing date, the prize money will then be automatically distributed among the qualified participants. 

To post a Guaranteed contest, hover your mouse over Hire Freelancers and select Start a Contest. Fill out the details of your contest and on the fourth step, make sure that the Guaranteed upgrade is ticked before posting your contest. 

If you already have an open contest, you can still change it to Guaranteed by going to your contest page. From there, click Upgrade Contest, select Guaranteed, and upgrade your contest.


*** Do not confuse a Guaranteed contest with our "Money Back Guarantee" offer. This offer is only for Regular contests. For Guaranteed contests, the Money Back Guarantee does not apply because the prize for this type of contest is guaranteed to be given to a winner or, if none is chosen, to the qualified participants.


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