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How to Withdraw Funds


Filing a Withdrawal Request

To submit a withdrawal request, mouse over your account balance and select Withdraw Money.

There are no fees charged when withdrawing funds from your account, except for Wire Transfer.

Simply select which method is the most convenient for you. You’ll be then taken to a page where you will need to provide the necessary details for to transfer the funds.

Once the withdrawal request is filed, it will be listed in your Pending Withdrawals section. You can view it anytime to check the status of your withdrawal request.


Things to Remember

Ensure that the details you provided are correct to avoid any delays in the processing of your withdrawal request.

Take note of the times withdrawals are processed. This will give you an idea when to expect the money. 

For first-time withdrawals, we ask for your patience as it takes 15 days to clear your account before your request gets processed. Each and every user goes through this security check to keep a safe platform. Once you have a successful first withdrawal, your next withdrawal requests will no longer have the delay but will only follow the cut-off times. This is for Free, Intro, and Basic Members.

For Plus, Professional, and Premier Members who have had at least one (1) successful withdrawal before, daily withdrawal processing is now available.

The minimum amount a user can withdraw is $30 USD ($500 for Wire Transfer). The maximum withdrawal amount is $10,000 USD.


Withdrawal Methods

You have several options to withdraw your earnings from your account:

Express Withdrawal

Express Withdrawal is the fastest method for transfers to a bank account. It does this by allowing withdrawals from your account directly to your bank account. It will take only 2-3 business days for the funds to reflect on your bank account.

It is currently available in Australia, India, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, Vietnam, Canada, and the United States of America.

Make sure to enter your bank information and account details correctly before clicking Withdraw Funds.

You can only withdraw money in your local currency. If you’re attempting to withdraw an amount in a foreign currency – e.g. you’re from Poland and withdrawing US Dollars – the system will categorize the transaction as a Wire Transfer. For more details about Express Withdrawal, please go here.


Wire Transfer

You can use the Wire Transfer option for countries where Express Withdrawal is not yet available. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $500 USD, and there is a transaction fee for using this service. Using this method, it will take 3-5 business days for your money to reflect on your account.

You need to supply your bank information to complete the transaction.



PayPal is one of the most preferred withdrawal methods because it’s convenient and widespread. It allows you to easily transfer your earnings to your PayPal account. Upon withdrawal processing, the funds will reflect on your PayPal account within the day.

Just enter your PayPal email, the amount and currency to withdraw, then click Withdraw Funds.

Note: PayPal withdrawal can only be used when you add your PayPal account as a verified payment method



Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is accessible and reliable. You can transfer the money you earned on directly to your Skrill account. Withdrawing money is a breeze as it will also take within a day for a processed withdrawal to reflect on your Skrill account. 

Just enter your Skrill email, the amount and currency to withdraw, and click Withdraw Funds.

Note: Skrill withdrawal is not available in the USD currency. 


*Freelancer Debit Card

The Freelancer Debit Card is powered by Payoneer. This allows users to transfer their funds directly to their debit card immediately after their withdrawal request is processed. They can then withdraw the cash in their local currencies at ATMs and also make purchases in stores around the world or online where MasterCard© is accepted.

If you want to get your card now, click here. The order option will only be available if your account has at least $30 USD on it.

If you already have an existing Payoneer card, you can use that instead and enjoy the same privileges by linking it to your account.

*This is an optional withdrawal method as it may not be available to some users.

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