Withdrawals to Incorrect PayPal or Skrill Accounts

Processed withdrawals

For withdrawals processed to incorrect PayPal or Skrill accounts, contact our Support team immediately. Just scroll down this page and click the Chat Now! button.

Here are the details that you should provide:

  • Your username
  • The correct email address where your money should have been transferred to
  • The incorrect email address where you unintentionally withdrew your money to
  • The date your withdrawal was processed

You can find the last two details on your Transaction History page.


We will locate the sent payment, cancel it, and return it to your Freelancer.com account. It may take up to three (3) business days before you get your money back. Once it is back on your account, you can then withdraw it again.


Pending withdrawals

If you find out that you have entered an incorrect email address while your withdrawal request is still “Pending” or still waiting to be processed, simply cancel your request, and submit a new one with the correct details.

To cancel, just go to the Withdraw Money page and scroll down to the Pending Withdrawals section. Click the dropdown button beside your request, select Cancel, and confirm the cancellation. 

Please double check all the information you will provide when submitting a new withdrawal request. Also, remember to submit it before the cutoff.

  • 5pm on Sunday, New York time or 7am on Monday, Sydney time - This will be processed on Monday, New York time or Tuesday, Sydney time.

  • 5pm on Wednesday, New York time or 7am on Thursday, Sydney time - This will be processed on Thursday, New York time or Friday, Sydney time.


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