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What Does My Profile Rating Mean?

What does my profile rating mean?

Your score reflects the quality of your overall profile content. uses this score and other stats from your profile to determine your rank in the Directory. The directory is one of the main places where employers can search to find someone with your skills. If your directory rank is high, it means more employers are seeing your profile and your chances of winning projects are increased dramatically.  

What if my mark is not positive?

If the item displayed to you has been ticked, it means that you are the best you can be in this area. If you did not score positive for some or any areas, don’t panic - our team will be more than happy to assess your profile a second time. To be eligible for re-assessment, you will need to upload new content.

Why score profiles?

We provide this score to make our marking guidelines transparent and to give all users ideas about how they can improve their profiles. In turn, your content helps you win projects and gain the trust of employers.

Please be aware that your profile will be prioritised for marking only if you have a paid membership plan. There may be a short marking delay for users under Free Membership.

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