Real time face recognition using tensorflow and MTCNN

by muller1998926

Real time face recognition using Python, OpenCV, tensorflow and MTCNN

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Welcome to my profile. As an experienced full-stack, computer vision, data mining, machine learning and deep learning professional, I am confident in the following areas: My ability is not limited to this, and I can manage all aspects of software development, algorithm design, large-scale websites, finance and etc. There is no limitation in software such as Python, C ++, C #, Java and Raspberry PI. 1. Web Development Front-End: ReactJS, HTML, JavaScript, BootStrap, Jquery, AngularJS, VueJS, Electron Back-End: Laravel, Django, PHP, Flask, NodeJS 2: Image Processing, Computer Vision @ Face, facial recognition @ Pedestrian detection, Counting @ Vehicle detection, counting, Speed detection system @ Hand gesture/Logo/Mark recognition @ ALPR/ANPR @ OCR(Card, OMR, MRZ, captcha, bank form, handwritten text) 3. Data mining @ Time series analysis, Stock market prediction, Missing data imputation @ Data selection, Cleaning @ Clustering, Visualization

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