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    Kétütemű motorok csatornáinak optimalizálása.

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    Ansys Software Expert- Mechanical Engineer- Solid Works

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    I am a Btech 4th year student. I am doing a project on heat exchanger. The project requires the simula...a Btech 4th year student. I am doing a project on heat exchanger. The project requires the simulation analysis of heat exchanger to determine the temperature variations in the heat exchanger. The project constitutes designing, meshing, and analysis

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    ...the leaner table, through the shelving and stop at point 4 and turn back to look at the shelving area Walk on back towards the front of the library, turn left and past the workbench with the seats behind and stop at point 5. Then turn back to look through the library. Walk out of the library, through the café seating area and stop at point 6 and turn

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    I want a cooling tower model so that I can simulate it further on Ansys Fluent.

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    I am looking for a small job: 1-design via (workbench ansys 14.0) 2-explanation step by step how you did it in a word document. 3-only one solar panel with 60 degree and 5m high from the ground. so the Influential factors should have. wind and radiation, sands accumulation, air, soiling accumulation I want just do analyses to see which is the

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    Load Testing on Ansys, stress analysis to make sure the object can carry weight.

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    I need an ansys fluent study to simulate the thermoregulation of human body. Gagge's two node model is need to be applied for it. Formulas and theorical definition of this model is available on google. A basic manikin can be used for it. Aim of this study is to obtain dynamic the skin temperature which changes with enviromental conditions.

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    I want to analyze the motion of the damper as quarter car model using FEA. I want to see how the motion of the mass rigidly attached...damped due to the oil viscosity when the cylinder of the shock absorber is subjected to the excitation. Or the vice versa. I want to do the multiphysics analysis of this phenomenon. Comsol 5.3a or Ansys is ok for this.

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    I am looking for someone who is able to TEACH me on skype how to do stress analyze of adhesive joints of a Single Lap joints. Preferebly on ANSYS Workbench (because I have some experience) or ANSYS Apdl. The person need to be able to teach: The simulation setup. How to set the contact of aluminum/adhesive/aluminum. Cohesive zone. Run

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    To develop a complete 3D model (preferable in Ansys SpaceClaim) of the Cooling Tower with internal structures. 2D drawings will be provided by me.

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    Ansys Expert 2h left

    Need Ansys Analysis To Be Done

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    need to optimize the hole size of the air going in and out to control the the heat and move the heat sources around and thine and thike the main plate to produce a even results across the plate. ill need to optimize the height and hole size of the steam holes, the height prevent liquid water to drip out placing the exit higher then the surface of the water and controls the type of steam lair the e...

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    Title: Pipeline Fault Analysis Software: C/C++/Java and Ansys Aim: To create an application using C++, Java or any programming language that shows the faults of the pipeline system (Pipeline Fault Analysis). Concept: The concept proposed in [login to view URL] is simple. We are cutting the pipe as shown in the other 2 files and displaying a portion

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    ...edge are most in need of shock protection using a rubber material to absorb shock loads aroudn the outside of the case. Especially when it gets dropped from a vehicle or workbench. The case is made in two parts and can be used to clamp the rubber to the case when the case is assembled. This approach is already used to hold the rubber handle grip in

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    I need to implement a sensor for blood pressure measurement in ANSYS. What I need is the simulation for blood pressure and the design.

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    You have to build a model for "travelling temperature wave driven fluid flow in microchannel". Someone with experience of working in comsol multiphysics or Ansys fluent would be preferable. I need the model in between 15th may, 2018.

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    I want person to give trainings for corporate as well as for educational sector .

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    design mems switch I need to design MEMS SPST switch (cantilever or bridge type, we can discuss) by using ANSYS or COMSOL. It will be used for reconfigurable antennas. But in this work, only the switch design is needed. """"It is not too important which software will be used, important thing is create graphs according to given R and C values. And

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    Need help immediately to draw a crankshaft. I do not need the whole thing just small one like the one in the attachment, and perform FEA analysis

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    i want to simulate using Fluent CFD with my CT scan file. i already done most of part. but i didn't received what i expected result so i want to find someone who can help me to get what i want result. i'm ENS(empty nose syndrome) patient and below site owner also ens patient and he used solidworks to simulate but Fluent is more proper software for medical related. i should have t...

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    ...Redhat JBPM developer to provide working example on following items in JBPM workbench (WEB interface). 1. Apply filtering on custom fields (task variables or process variables) in the task inbox. 2. Adding any customized Task status (in addition to OOB) into the workbench. So i can move a task to that particular status to differentiate. 3. Adding

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    Make FreeCAD project from existing drawings using FreeCAD. Parts must be made using Sketcher Workbench

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    Need expert guidance with solid works- ansys analysis.

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    Need an expert guidance with Solid Works- Ansys Software Expert

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    This project involves investigating the gas liquid two-phase flow of flow channel and is simulated to study the water removal process in the channel utilizing VOF (volume of fluid) method.

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    Submission details: This is an individual project. We need a copy of your ANSYS files Module Learning Outcomes assessed in this piece of coursework  Effectively use Computer-aided design (CAD) tools,  Develop Finite Element models of simple structures and validate them

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    To work out scheme to remove heat from PCB Mode details in Chat Required in 12hours

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    I want my results in ABAQUS My project is related to strengthening a RCC (Reinforced Cem...calculations the load carrying capacity should increase by 1.5-2 times (even more than 2but less than3) the original column. Or second thing that could be done is finding the buckling load in both case. Also i nee to find te increase in ductility and stiffness

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    build a vortex Ended

    finsher of ansys CFD using ansys

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    Hello! We need a product designer with skills in CAD 3D and ANSYS or any other simulation software. We would need someone to design the specific product, its sub assemblies, the assembly drawing and the moulds required for its manufacturing.

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    Dear Engineer, please look into this paper. If you have experience to solve this and you can deliver clear answer, you will get the job. Thanks

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    Need to Design and analyze a mechanical component under a certain given parameters/conditions/values

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    basic ansys modelling with stress simulation and a report with the results. plagiarism report.

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    Stiamo cercando PROGETTISTI MECCANICI per singoli progetti in ambito industriale. Richiesti: laurea magistrale in ing. mec...Richiesti: laurea magistrale in ing. meccanica o simile, esperienza specifica di almeno 1-2 anni, buona conoscenza di Catia V5 e/o SolidWorks, buona conoscenza di Nastran e/o ANSYS e/o Abaqus. Preferibile chi ha partita IVA.

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    I want help with meshing my wavy plate and also I need help on how to utilize the UDF in Fluent to apply different boundary condition. Thanks

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    write a code or know the steps to 1. acquire the total mass of parts of surface bodies 2. Export the mass from the solution information worksheet 3. import parameter of rotation from fluent to use as rotational displacement 4. select multiple material assignment options for parts or surface body instead of only selecting a single material

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    I need to simulate two-phase flow solid and gas phases by using fluent ansys I can give my file that I already did but just to modify a little bit

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    Hi, I'd like to request if you are willing to model our 30-storey building. Thank you. We just need a solid model because there has been errors in the account of our...there has been errors in the account of our model. If you want, we can send the model and you can figure out as to why it's having trouble when we are running it in Transient Analysis.

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    We will give all the parameters needed, a video of the laboratory testing and some engineering data.

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    Hi, I need someone to replicate this experiment on ANSYS, i believe you will need some knowledge on composite materials and explicit dynamics, I would like to replicate this experiment and see how different materials in the middle change how the back plate deforms, please let me know if you are up for the job Message me TIA

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    Analyse wind turbine blades using ansys or solidworks.

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    ...plus) - develop & validate MySql with ER workbench (reverse/forward engineering) - coordinate and follow-up contractors over freelance in respect of budget The project will be organized in 4 stages: 1. foundations: migrate to Wordpress, improve DB for integrity (fixing actual mistake), generate ER Workbench schemes and BPMN models, coordinate project

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    a solid work design with assembly of a engine will be provided for the fluid flow which needs to be carried out. What I need is- mesh generated in ANSYS and fluid flow(air) with in the engine which means intake from manifold, piston and valve movement and outlet flow.

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    we @ Trigent Software are looking for Salesforce developer for an help in the existing proje...querying [login to view URL] database using SOQL & SOSL - Knowledge in executing jobs using Apex data loader and Command Line data loader - Knowledge in tools like [login to view URL] IDE, Workbench, Ant Migration Tool - [login to view URL] Certified Developer (SFDC Dev 401)

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    For my research work I need a freelancer preferably in Florida, US, having experience in Ansys-Fluent , solidworks to do CFD analysis- 3d analysis, two phase,tNon Newtonian model

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    You have just been hired at a leading aerospace firm. The first project you are to work on is designing the internal support structure of the wing on a brand new airplane. The wing must be as lightweight as possible and be able to support certain loads. You are free to use any design that meets the given constraints. Your team (you and two partners) is competing against other teams to suppl...

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    hllo frnds my name is sahil, in this project we have to simulate wheel impact test using fem

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    Got everything just want someone to help me run it and change fibres content. But as soon as possible as in two days if possible. with full explanation. ( will provide all details on phone easier)

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