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    Google Sheets Formula 6 days left

    We are trying to make a dynamic calculation on our "Bid Sheet". The Bid Sheet should be where the calculations final output will be. The "Products/Services" and "Rates" sheets are for reference for the calculations. We want the drop down menu “Item" and “Model" on the Bid Sheet to select the appropriate item on the “Products/Services"...

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    I would like to use range slider for single products on woocommerce instead of current dropdown boxes to select variation prices of products. Please check every Detail in the given pictures, every detail is described carefully. Small video of how slider example 1 works; [login to view URL] Small video of how slider

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    create a formula 5 days left

    I am a children's hair salon owner and my partner is a children's hair stylist. We would like to create two all natural shampoo and conditioner formulas for children that smell like chocolate and raspberry. 1 shampoo chocolate, 1 shampoo raspberry, 1 conditioner chocolate, 1 conditioner raspberry. We would like our products to be free and clean: no sulfates, nano-particles, parabens, ...

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    ...persona and achieve the Fifteen Minutes of genuine love and admired Fame. Alex gets the formula for his fame from Mr. J, a local transient philosopher who warns him of evil men looking to steal the formula. The evil men put pressure on Alex to give up the formula. Alex gets a lucky break because his work colleagues named Stella saves him from their brand

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    I have a datatable and need to add 2 functionalities - date range filter. I have only 1 field containing date (dd-mm-yy) and want to add filter for it.

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    I am looking to create a logo for my go karting/formula vee racing team. I am not sure what I want to call it but probably something to do with my last name. I am open to any designs - I don't want anything fancy, just simple and elegant

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    I need to create a database o...will give me flexibility of producing random test papers. 2. Entering questions oh this database from some books and websites. Some of these questions have mathematical formula and equations so the software should be able to do that. This is going to be an ongoing project as I will keep adding questions to database.

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    Change the publuc of my wifi range extender

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    Require a programme where can key his Singapore identification number for a massage spa. This identification have a formula to follow and will prompt wrong if key in. This software is place on a tablet. Back end can able to know how many time he come before, who he engage service, what service. More detail will inform when contact.

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    ...admin - password: 1 and do following modifications. 1- player icon should be an arrow (sense of direction) 2- visibility radius pumping to implicate the visibility range and add some liveliness. 3- fix the map movement (no movement) but keep ability to zoom in / out. therefore, the player will always be centered on the screen 4- remove

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    Extended range reader. Reading range at least 25cm.

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    ...proprietary plant-based organic supplements. We have lists of the supplements our manufacturers offer to create our own proprietary blend. This is extremely helpful. However, if the formula we need to create falls outside of what they offer we will need to shop a new manufacturer. We need your help to bring a new level of effectiveness, safety, and transparency

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    ...protocols at each layer MAC addresses, allocation CSMA/CD, Ethernet Discovery - ARP, DHCP Switches, learning MACs Which protocols are reliable IP addresses, Subnetting CIDR, Classes /8, /16, /24 IP allocation, RIRs IP routing, destination IP UDP, use cases TCP 3-way handshake TCP- flags, ISNs, Window size, ACKs, retransmits DNS - Root servers

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    We have a data base in a spreadsheet in an excel file. We would need a program-app-formula that allow us to write a new data in our smartphone and update it automatically in that spreadsheet. Can you help?

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    Desarrollar una capaña e Facebook/Instagran desde crear las imagenes , teste A/B, mejorar los anuncios hasta llegar al que mas converte. Seguiremos a a Formula de lanzamiento de Jeff Walker y Erico Rocha. Tenemos trabajo en portugues y español de modo que hay muchas posibilidades. Español/portugues

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    Hive SQL queries to query a range of thousands of rowkeys. The 1st rowkey in this case can be of the format 20170806GOLDSTANDING01a345 and the second rowkey can be 20180102GOLDSTANDING01a345 The task is to isolate the date as a range of 20170806 to 20180102 and output all the in between rowkeys

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    ...have a excel document with several sheets and pages in each sheet. In addition to all the sheets and pages, I have one sheet with instructions on how many copies are needed of each sheet and page when printed. Today I manually have to print each sheet and page by itself in the correct number of copies. The project is to make a formula/script that

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    Hello, I need to know what formula I can use to delete columns that start with a certain word in excel spreadsheets

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    A mathematical formula for locating the depth of heat for a 2D/3D cuboid AISI 304 structure with dimensions 800mm x 300mm x 100mm with all given parameters after which inserted gives a temperature of 23 - 24 degrees celsius approximately showing that its the hest source

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    ...Leibniz formula:Its summation notation is ∑=1-1/3+1/5-1/7+1/9-........=(π)/4 I need both serial C program and CUDA program to estimate π using Leibniz formula. You must compare the serial runtime (one CPU) and parallel runtimes (Tp) of the CUDA program with respect to different n values. You can choose a maximum

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    Formula/Template Print different address on the brochure

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    ...for example: the item number associated with an image of a Len Thompson 6YR Spoon the wholesale price is $2.98 for dealers to purchase from the distributor (my company) Formula : after the item# ( typically the manufacturers product number or SKU ) NUMBER 0 Dash - (Reverse the cost of product ) $2.98 becomes 892 Number 0 Dash - RBL ( our company

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    ...all platforms 9) Current Stock Showing the stock we have 10) ES, DE, eBay are the different platforms we have. We require someone to analyse the data and give us the formula to find issues and success to our products. I have attached a data subset. Must have analytical skills to understand what we require. If you can do it please reply " I can

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    The project is about entry data to a spreadheet and do some calculations, I will give access to the excel and the cronogram project, i will give the formula calculations So the need project is create form to entry data, pull variables already insert and submit to aprove. After that the project need to stay available to consulte. # fase 1 Login

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    ...economist or statistician to look over some data and see if we can use it to predict the next suburbs to dramatically increase in value. Work would be based on existing proven formula from another country.. To get this job you must be be able to show previous work as an economist or statistician. You must have excellent oral English, be able to follow

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    Tenho os três primeiros valores casa,empate,fora. assim gostaria de uma formula para preencher os demais valores baseado em porcentagem tirando referencia dos três primeiros.

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    ...bubur bayi dengan variasi buah dan sayur. Bubur susu Bahan yang dibutuhkan: 3 sendok makan tepung beras halus 200 ml susu formula untuk bayi usia 6 bulan Cara membuat: Larutkan tepung beras dengan susu formula, aduk hingga tercampur sempurna Panaskan campuran tepung beras dan susu di atas api kecil sambil terus diaduk hingga teksturnya mengental

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    I would like an mobile app developer to make a circular range slider for me. I would like it made so it can be easily implemented into already existing code. I would like it to be modified easily through simple commands. All the setting up in a separate file. I would like to be able to set colour, minimum distance between sliders, width of path, positions

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    Looking to develop a PCB board with rfid bulk reader module with gsm/gps module for school attendance system and real time tracking of school bus

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    Help fix formula in my model. Need fast turnaround time (few hours)

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    A women ready-to-wear startup is looking for a talented fashion designer who can design a regal and elegant range of ready-to-wear. The designs must be kept private. once the designs are done they will be owned by the company. It's a long term project so the company is seeking a reliable individual with great skill of apparel designing.

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    In the attached excel file, I need the name of blank column names in row 2. i.e from A2 to H2 in either I2 format or J2 format. This is a small example sheet..the actual sheet has around 300 columns..so the formula should work fine

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    I would like to deploy wi-fi network with guest access into my hostel has 200 users and total area 19000 square feet (Total 80 rooms). I need help to deploy full access of the network.

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    ...would have the ability to log into my website, click on my link and download scores from league players. • Program would compute their handicaps based on a mathematical formula. League Manager could then upload all league players back up to their own computer and print. • League Managers would do this on a weekly basis and would have the ability

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    ...would have the ability to log into my website, click on my link and download scores from league players. • Program would compute their handicaps based on a mathematical formula. League Manager could then upload all league players back up to their own computer and print. • League Managers would do this on a weekly basis and would have the ability

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    ...cluster (Super node is selected from among all the nodes such that the movement of the node is least as compare to the rest of the nodes in the cluster - will provide the formula for this) each super node will have a table that'll contain the list of files for all the node in that cluster. i.e: <NodeID, FileID>, so whenever a node requests for a file

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    Excel Support Ended

    Need a formula for straight line sliding scale for $ vs %, need to know amount in between certain tiers. Would also like to add employee salary so exact payout is there

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    ...concise, captivating and compelling. If you are that person . then bid , if not skip [login to view URL] see all idea here , Please see this . mostly what I want for all type of formula needed to be used . thanks . I Want Headlines that WORKS? And sub title and sub title . Contents & Offers that Keeps them

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    ...categories and topics e.g Commodity (Silver). The algorithm will need to source and process the maximum data it can locate and present this in a statistical format e.g a percentage formula. The objective of this project is to process higher levels of data a human simply can not. The algorithm will interpret the information to formulate a market sentiment.

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    ...only the first color. For example if it has 3 variations Blue, red and white only export the first one (white) 3) There is no custom field that includes the discount, The formula is this one: ( {Regular Price} - {Sale Price} ) / {Regular Price} ) *100 Could you help me write the function? 4) If a variable product has attributes, e.g. color and

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    Hello A++ Developers, I would like to make me a project on [login to view URL], I will show you a formula that I want to run. Contact me, its just one fomula not a big deal, for my class, let me know. Must have C++ Past projects experience on freelancer only.

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    Hi, We're looking to create a pack of supplements for health and wellness similar to: [login to view URL] to create a pack of supplements for health and wellness similar to: [login to view URL] We need someone who can create the formula for the manufacture of the product.

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    Need a IF formula written to calculate total package on drag racing spreadsheet

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    i need help in formula which will let user insert a row in a protected sheet. 1) the cells in yellow I want it locked 2)the problem when I insert a new row below locked row, it becomes locked and i don't want that 3) i want new row to be included in equation i want to attach file plz

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    Update excel sheet according to given Instructions and using knowledge of Risk management in Project. Instructions: [login to view URL] year Mega Corp noted an average absenteeism rate of 4 days per employee per year. Create a column that represents the number of employees to expect in a session. If 33 employees are in the session, then how many employees

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    Melakukan sejumlah pekerjaan Excel Membuat laporan dari excel Menganalisa data dalam bentuk table dan grafik Membuat suatu rumus yg variatif dengan menggunakan rumus formula

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